Mistakes To Avoid During IVF Treatment

mistakes to avoid during ivf treatment

Advancements in science and technology have allowed us to make the impossible possible. Couples facing fertility issues have the option to plan their pregnancy through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or assisted reproductive technology (ART) processes. However, proper planning and preparation are required to avoid mistakes that can lead to IVF failure.

We should know the mistakes to avoid during IVF treatment and carefully monitor the process, with no room for any blunder. The entire process, from the extraction of eggs from the ovary to fertilizing it with sperm in the laboratory under optimal conditions to replanting it in the uterus for embryo formation, needs to be meticulously monitored. From hereon, the couple and their healthcare provider need to be watchful of every change occurring in the body of the expectant mother and ensure that there is no error during the process.

IVF increases the chances of pregnancy, but IVF success rates depend on various conditions. For some, it has worked in the first cycle, while others have had to undergo a few more trials. Crysta IVF, with its tailored treatment plans and counseling from expert fertility specialists, ensures that couples planning for pregnancy get complete assistance without any inaccuracies during the process.

Want to know the mistakes that lead to IVF failure? Here you go:

Mistake 1: Letting Your Mind Mess It Up

Just don’t start; prepare for it. IVF can be physically and emotionally challenging if you jump into it without understanding the process. Some do so and get restless midway or start stressing over unsuccessful attempts. The right mindset is essential in dealing with such situations.

  • Prepare yourself for any outcome.
  • Stay positive and hopeful.
  • Relax. Take a break to calm your anxious mind.
  • Go stress-free by indulging in fun activities of your choice.

Medications can impact your hormones, causing emotional turmoil within. Discussing with your partner or healthcare provider can help you relax. Engage yourself in interesting activities, meet people who motivate you with positive talks, and divert your mind when “What if this IVF treatment fails?” comes as a hurdle to disturb your hopeful and happy thoughts.

Mistake 2: Delaying The Process 

IVF success rates are higher in couples planning it before 35. The process should start once you are mentally, physically, and financially ready to take on the responsibilities that IVF requires. 

It is a misconception that IVF is a consideration for older women.  IVF helps deal with infertility. Undergo screening tests to identify your fertility status and plan your pregnancy accordingly without delay. 

Make informed decisions to avoid blunders after proper consultation with your healthcare provider. Get a personalized treatment plan that is designed after a thorough understanding of your medical conditions.

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Mistake 3: Not Keeping Yourself Active

Don’t get too attached to your cozy and comfortable bed. Follow a routine that includes:

  • Going for a walk to manage weight
  • Mild yoga to enhance reproductive function
  • Meditation for emotional well-being
  • A good read to keep you inspired
  • Listening to motivational talks
  • Creative activities to keep you physically and mentally active
  • Solving crossword puzzles

Don’t idly wait for the IVF outcome. Rest and pamper yourself while being productive and be cautious enough to prevent casualties that can impact your conception process.

Mistake 4: Trusting Random Information Over Your Healthcare Provider

Google has no doubt become our one-stop solution to most of our issues, but when it comes to our health, it is advised to seek guidance from an expert rather than relying on sources available online. It might:

  • Be Inaccurate & misguiding
  • Fail to diagnose the accurate cause
  • Be misinterpreted

Too much information can be maddening. Different bodies react differently and have needs that need to be addressed in specific ways. An expert with years of experience in IVF treatments can analyze such conditions and provide solutions to meet individual needs whereas picking up random information can be misleading.

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Mistake 5: Not Making lifestyle and dietary modifications 

Once the embryo is placed in the womb, there should be a keen eye on every movement. Avoid lifting heavy objects, engaging in intensive activities, or making sudden movements.

Avoid travel plans that can be exhausting, as the implanted embryo requires adequate time to develop.

Regular checkups and proper consumption of medicines advised by the doctor without committing any mistakes are the key factors for a smooth pregnancy.

Avoid smoking and alcohol, as they reduce pregnancy chances by impacting the body. Consume a diet that meets that nutritional requirement and helps in the growth of the fetus. Consult a dietician for proper guidance.

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Mistake 6: Being Unorganized and Unprepared

Parenthood comes with loads of responsibilities and no scope for errors, for which one should start preparations post-conception. 

  • Timely consumption of medicines
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Keeping extra medicines for urgent situations
  • Planning your finances properly to meet needs as required 

Always have a second plan ready. Being practical and rational helps you refrain from indulging in blame games and getting anxious. Things might not turn out as desired. Don’t cry over spilled milk; look for a solution.

IVF failures can be disheartening and painful. Search for an IVF fertility center that can cater to your needs, has good reviews from other couples, and provides treatment from expert doctors with relevant experience and success in fertility management. Mistakes during the implantation of the embryo, chromosomal abnormalities, and a lack of ovarian response are some reasons that call for another trial. 

Final Words

Crysta IVF is one of the most trusted fertility chains across India, equipped with the latest technology to improve the pregnancy experience for expecting couples and fulfill their dreams of parenthood through proper care and fertility awareness. Start your parenting plans without further delay.

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