Dr. Poonam Mishra

Dr. Poonam Mishra

(Clinical Lead & Sr. IVF Specialist (Lucknow))

Crysta IVF Fertility Centre in Lucknow

15+ years of experience

Certified For Proficiency In Clinical Medicine

  • MBBS
  • MD
  • Infertility

Expert Skills

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Gynecological
  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  • Obstetrical Interventions
Doctor's Info
Cost & Fees
Dr. Poonam Mishra is a clinical lead and senior IVF specialist from a fertility centre in Lucknow with an extensive 15+ years of experience in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine.

She completed her MBBS with a Gold Medal from the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha in 2007. She pursued her post-graduation in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi in 2014.

Her dedication and hard work made her the topper of the National Board of Examination (NBE) for selection into fellowship.

To further enhance her expertise in reproductive medicine, Dr. Poonam pursued a two-year fellowship in reproductive medicine from the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Her commitment and exceptional skills were recognized when she was honored with the best super speciality fellow award at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

With her specialized training in reproductive medicine, she has assisted/conducted 1000+ in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy, accumulating a wealth of practical experience. She has a special interest in managing male infertility, recurrent IVF failure, poor ovarian reserve, and fertility preservation in oncology patients.

In addition to her clinical accomplishments, Dr. Poonam has received several awards and recognition throughout her career. She also earned a Gold medal in the Quiz competition at Fertivision 2016, The 12th National Annual Conference of the Indian Fertility Society, Lucknow.

Her contributions to the field have been widely recognized, and she has presented her research and findings at esteemed conferences such as the 22nd IFFS World Congress and Fertivision.

Dr. Poonam Mishra is a respected member of several professional organizations, including the Indian Fertility Society (IFS), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), and the Fertility Preservation Society of India.

Currently, Dr. Poonam Mishra is offering her expertise as an IVF specialist at Crysta IVF fertility centre in Lucknow. Book a consultation with her today at Crysta IVF fertility centre in Lucknow, and take the first step towards achieving your dream of parenthood under the care of a skilled and compassionate professional.

Crysta IVF Fertility Centre in Lucknow

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Consultation Fees
Rupee Symbol500
In Vitro Fertilization(IVF)
Rupee Symbol1,30,000 - 1,82,000
Rupee Symbol10,000 - 30,000
Intrauterine Insemination
Rupee Symbol10,000 - 20,000
Rupee Symbol30,000 - 40,000
Donor Program
Rupee Symbol1,55,000 -1,85,000

Crysta IVF Fertility Centre in Lucknow

Shalimar Logix, 4, Rana Pratap Marg, behind Hotel Arif Castles, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001

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Question and Answer Session

Fertility Treatment Q&A : Answered By Dr. Poonam Mishra

Q: When should couples consider seeking fertility evaluation?

Couples should consider seeking fertility evaluation if they have been actively trying to conceive for a year without success. However, if there are known fertility issues, such as irregular menstrual cycles or a history of reproductive disorders, it is advisable to seek evaluation earlier.

Q: What is the role of age in fertility?

Yes, age plays a significant role in fertility, especially for women. As women get older, the chances of conception decrease, and the risk of pregnancy complications increases.

Q: How successful is IVF?

IVF success rates vary depending on factors such as age, underlying fertility issues, and the quality of embryos. However, success rates can significantly improve with the latest medical technologies, highly skilled IVF specialists, and personalized treatment plans.

Q: Is infertility only a female problem?

No, infertility is not solely a female problem. Approximately 40% of infertility cases are attributed to male factors, 40% to female factors, and the remaining 20% are a combination of both or unexplained causes.

Q: What are some lifestyle factors that can impact fertility health?

Maintaining good fertility health involves several lifestyle factors, such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, managing stress levels, and engaging in regular exercise. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins is also beneficial for fertility.

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