Endometriosis is a health condition in females that includes growing of the uterus lining outside the vagina. It is a common health condition that is chronic, and painful.


Overview about endometrial receptivity

Endometriosis in females is a disorder that is painful and is linked to the tissue that lines outside the uterus. The tissue lined in a woman’s uterus is known as the endometrium and is present only in the uterus itself. Usually, when a female isn’t pregnant then the tissue grows and shedding begins every month in the form of menstrual flow. Tissues across the area of endometriosis are believed to become swollen or inflammatory which leads to the scar tissue development. There are different places outside the uterus where it grows and these areas are under or on the ovaries, behind the uterus, tissues holding the uterus in place and bladder or on the bowels. In extreme cases, the problem can begin growing in different parts of the body. Endometriosis causes problems related to female reproductive organ such as painful sexual intercourse, cramping during intercourse, cramping, infertility, pain with pelvic examinations etc. Endometrial implants are problematic certainly, but they are not cancerous. With treatment and medication, it can be treated. We at Crysta IVF have incorporated the best treatment for this health condition such as laparoscopy, progestins releasing hormone analogs, etc. Also, we have highly experienced gynecologists and fertility experts who after the right diagnosis offer treatment and medication to treat the problem.

Who is recommended to get the endometriosis done?

Lot of women with endometriosis don’t experience any symptoms, but there are many who do, so it is important to know when you should get the endometriosis diagnosis done:

Painful sexual intercourse

If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse more frequently, then it can be an indication of endometriosis. It is highly recommended to consult the gynecologist at the earliest so that proper treatment or medication is given to the problem.


If you have been trying to get pregnant for years and aren’t able to conceive then it is an endometriosis symptom. In this case, you should be consulting the infertility specialist so that not only the endometriosis is solved but also you can get the solution for infertility on time.

Pain during bowel movements or urination

When you are experiencing issues such as cramping and pain during bowel movements or while you are urinating then you should get in touch with the gynecologist for the treatment.

Endometriosis process

There are different tests to diagnose the problem of endometriosis which are:

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In this first step of the pelvic exam, the doctor will begin to feel the pelvis area manually to identify abnormalities like cysts, or scars in the reproductive organ. However, it is difficult to feel the areas of endometriosis till they cause any cyst to form.

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This test involves the using of waves that are high-frequency in sound. It helps in forming the images of a complete reproductive organ. The device named transducer is used by pressing against the vagina or abdominal. This way one can get the finest view of the system and a doctor can certainly diagnose the problem.

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This test involves the use of magnetic fields and radio waves for forming the detailed organs pictures and tissues within a female body. It is useful when it comes to planning surgery and gives the proper information to the doctor about the endometrial implants location and size.

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In this test, doctors recommend the person to the surgeon as it is a procedure which allows them to have a look at the abdomen inside. Laparoscopy is the mostly used endometriosis surgery to treat the problem. Anesthesia is given so that the surgeon without any hassle can begin a tiny incision near the navel and perform the insertion of a slender instrument for viewing the endometrial tissue outside the uterus. 

Cost of Endometriosis

The cost of endometriosis depends on the problem and it is best to consult the doctor to obtain the information over this. We at Crysta IVF have set competitive prices for everyone so that endometriosis treatment is affordable.

Risk factors related to endometriosis

There can be different risk factors related to the endometriosis, here are some of them:

A. Heavy menstrual periods

Women who are facing the problem of endometriosis or who aren’t aware of the issue can experience the problem of heavy menstrual periods. It is one of the risk factors when uterus lining is grown outside and becomes the reason for endometriosis

B. Infertility

Infertility is another risk factor that women might experience facing the issue of endometriosis. It is essential to consult the fertility expert if you have planned to conceive but aren’t able to get pregnant.

C. High estrogen levels

Women who have the condition of endometriosis may experience the risk of high estrogen levels in the body or a massive lifetime exposure to estrogen produced by the body. Hence, it is vital to be in touch with the gynecologist on time to treat the problem.

Myths around Endometriosis

A. Heavy periods are the only sign

Fact: Women experiencing endometriosis at times assume that the signs are the usual menstruation part and overlook the symptoms. It is vital to identify if something serious is happening with the reproductive organ. It is believed that endometriosis only causes the sign of heavy menstrual periods. There are many other signs like infertility, painful sexual intercourse etc. which mustn’t be overlooked

B. Endometriosis only affects the pelvic area

Fact: It’s entirely a myth which one shouldn’t believe as the most usual areas for the growth of endometriosis takes place around the pelvis like the uterus outer surface, fallopian tubes, and the bladder. But it can take place anywhere in the body and it is identified that the problem is mostly found in the lungs.

C. Endometriosis is painful

Fact: No, it's not true. Not everyone experiences the painful endometriosis issue and is not an unusual thing as well. Most of the females discover the problem when they are trying to conceive and aren’t able to get pregnant because of this condition

D. Endometriosis is preventable

Fact: There is no clear evidence proving the cause of this condition and there is no way identified to prevent ovarian endometrioma. There are certain steps which can be taken to alleviate the issue which benefits low levels of estrogen.

E. Endometriosis is easily diagnosable

Fact: It is very important to know that diagnosing endometriosis is not easy. In fact, this is very common that women get to know about the problem after years and the surety can be gained only through the surgery.

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