Donor Programme

Donor Programme is an ART solution which is routinely used to help couples facing fertility issues


Overview about Donor

The donor programme is a way to serve those people who can’t use their own sperm or eggs for some clinical, personal, or other reasons. The desired mother will not be genetically related to her expecting child because she is using someone else's egg to get pregnant, but the father will be if he intended to use his sperm for egg fertilization or did not use the sperm donor. In some conditions, the need for a gestational carrier arises to carry the embryo or fertilized egg till the time of child birth to carry the whole pregnancy. Males and females who are eligible for the donor programme are screened well using various parameters. They get tested for hepatitis B and C, HIV, and syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). After the range of other essential tests, they are counseled about the donor programme and registered in the programme according to their wish to donate the gametes.

Eligibility for donor program

Patients suffering from or having the following medical conditions are considered eligible for donor programme in IVF:

Women facing fertility problems

Donor programme is recommended for older women with fertility issues or a lack of fertility, also for younger women with ovarian insufficiency or diminished ovarian function. In such cases, they may want to consider using a donor egg or sometimes donor embryos. It allows infertile women to carry a child even if she has previous IVF failures, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, and other different fertility problems.

Single parents and people with genetic orders

Donor programme is beneficial for single males or single females (single parents), for couples with a history of rare genetic disorders in their families. Such intended parents can take help from a donor egg or a donor sperm to avoid any genetically transmitted disease that might pass on to their child

Cancer patients and other fertility-related problems

After cancer treatment, if the ovaries are not functioning well, they are removed, then donor programme proves to be useful for these women. It is also recommended when the repeated failure of IVF treatment is either unexplained or due to poor ovarian response, to a female born without ovaries or other congenital abnormalities, and to a woman who has early menopause (before the age of 40) or premature ovarian failure.

Donor Process

The Donor is divided into a number of stages prior to the actual ‘Donor procedure’. These steps include:

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The first step for the donor programme is to begin with the fertility tests and planning the treatment process further. Everything is explained to the intended couples and donor including the requirement of cost needed for the treatment. Consultation is initiated under the finest and experienced fertility specialists of Crysta IVF.

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In this step, choosing an egg or sperm donor is initiated and Crysta IVF helps you in every step of the donor programme. We help the couple to locate a perfect donor and offer detailed profiles of any probable matches along with our personal understanding.

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After the donor is chosen, we begin the process by egg retrieval for the treatment. We make sure that the eggs are fresh and are full of quality. The donor will have to undergo the cycle of donation and collection of eggs. The donor eggs are thawed and prepared in the lab if the frozen donor eggs are being used. 

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The insemination of donor eggs is initiated and fertilized with the semen of the partner for the formulation of embryos.

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In this step, the transfer of the embryo process is initiated into the uterus of a woman within a day. If there are embryos remaining, then they can be frozen to be used in future.

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Lastly, after the transfer of embryos, one can take the pregnancy test but it is important to make sure that the period of two weeks is passed. Rest, our fertility experts will make sure that they are with you throughout the journey.  

Cost of a donor program in IVF

we are committed to offering the treatments at an affordable range for the convenience of the patients.In India, egg donor costs may range from 35,000 to 55,000 INR depending on the requirements and the need for treatment.

Donor program success rates

Here are some of the factors on which Donor program success depends.

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The success rate associated with the donor programme is 55.9% in the case of fresh embryo transfer, but with frozen embryo transfer the success rate drops to 40.2%. These statistics are provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and it has been discovered that the success rate varies from clinic to clinic.It would be better to discuss your chances of success with the fertility specialists in each situation since they are the best and most experienced people to guide you through.

Risks associated with donor programme

Egg donation is typically a safe process. However, some minor complications or short-term risks may happen, but being aware of all those risks may further reduce the risk drastically.

A. Weight gain

Egg donors may gain extra weight due to increased ovarian size, medication, and fluid retention. But this is a temporary effect and can be resolved easily after the treatment of donation is over.

B. Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome

High doses of hormones are given to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple healthy eggs. This may cause cramping, increased thirst, swelling, and fluid retention. That can be managed by the fertility doctors easily.

C. Other temporary effects

Other temporary effects are mood swings, minor infections, spotting, hot flashes, fatigue, headaches, and other premenstrual syndrome (PMS) like symptoms. Multiple pregnancy is uncommon, but it does occur on occasion. But fertility doctors closely monitor all the processes of egg donation, so there is nothing to worry about. But it would be better to keep updating the doctor on your condition to avoid further complications.

For any concerns or queries related to IVF treatment and the donor programme, the team at Crysta IVF is always ready to help you. The whole team has more than 20 years of experience in offering the highest quality personalised care and they also clear up myths about the donor programme and IVF. Request an appointment at the website for a free consultation.

Myths around Donor Programme

A. Donating an egg renders women infertile indefinitely.

Fact: In reality, it is already known that a female is born with more than a million eggs during her entire childbearing age. Thus, it is just a myth and nothing else, because retrieving 10 or 15 eggs won’t make her infertile. So there is no such risk to the egg donor or to the egg receiver as well.

B. Anyone can become an egg donor.

Fact: To become an egg donor, a woman’s age should be between 21 and 30 years old, her ovaries should be intact, and her health also matters. And there should be no genetic disorder or a family history of abnormalities. Therefore, not everyone can fulfil the criteria.

C. Couples who use donor eggs will be unable to pass on their genes to their unborn child.

Fact: But after implanting the donated fertilized egg into the uterus of the mother for further growth and development, the foetus still receives some genetic material from the mother’s womb. That can influence the expecting baby in many ways, including physical characteristics like a mother and so on.

D. Only infertile couples need IVF.

Fact: Apart from infertile couples, anyone who has some genetic disorder in their family history and the couple doesn’t want to pass these disorders on to their kids. A same-gender couple can have IVF by using one partner's gametes. A cancer patient before going for chemotherapy.Hence, such people can also opt for IVF treatment.

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