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Overview about test tube baby

Test tube baby is a non-medical term used in reference to In-Vitro fertilization It is just another way of conversing about the IVF technology- infertility treatment. The technology is known as the efficient human reproduction technology that results from the means beyond sexual intercourse among a male and female. It involves utilizing the clinical intervention and manipulation of both sperms and eggs for a proficient fertilization.

Test tube baby means conception of a baby outside the body of a female. A more comprehensive definition signifies the babies who are conceived in the lab through a process that is scientifically known as IVF or in-vitro fertilization. Before moving on with the process, one should understand that babies born with IVF and test-tube are the same and there is no difference at all.

We at Crysta understand that motherhood joy is beyond any other relationship but when someone is abandoned from it then it can turn out to be a harsh reality. The stress it comes with can lead to taking a huge toll on the mind and to cut problems from your life Crysta IVF has incorporated the finest technology to offer the best infertility treatment.

Who is recommended for a test tube baby?

Any couple who has been trying to conceive for more than a year and are unsuccessful in every attempt must consider visiting the test tube baby center. There are other indications as well which shouldn’t be overlooked and they are:

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Blocked fallopian tube

Blocked fallopian tube is one of the reasons which causes the need for test tube babies as it causes problems when it comes to fertilization of egg and sperm naturally. The fallopian tube is also the way through which an embryo can reach the uterus. And, when there is a problem of blocked fallopian tube, then it causes obstruction for the embryo.

Test tube baby process

It is essential to be aware of the process before considering the test tube baby treatment done as you are aware of the process and also helps in eliminating all the apprehensions that can be there

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In this step, females are given hormonal injections before gathering the eggs. At last, HCG injection is given six hours before the eggs are collected.

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The retrieval of eggs is initiated by the doctor in this step once the sedation is done. After that, the doctor ensures taking the gathered eggs to the lab.

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This step involves taking out the semen from a male so that further it can be fertilized with the embryo by the doctor.

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Once the collection of sperm and egg is done, the doctor then initiates the egg and sperm mixing and then puts it in the incubator for fertilization. They keep a check on the embryo development so that they are aware of the transfer into the uterus.

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After the fertilization, the doctor performs the transferring of the embryo into the female’s uterus. It is ensured that the inside of a woman's uterus is adaptable for the transfer. The lining of the uterus is made thick by advising the progesterone. 

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Lastly, after the transfer the process is completed by performing the pregnancy test done through blood.

Test tube baby cost

We at Crysta IVF have ensured that the cost of test tube baby treatment fits the budget of every couple and they don’t have to think countless times before getting their dream of parenthood fulfilled. So, if you are planning to go for the treatment and looking for the affordable test tube baby price then we are the one for you as it is offered at INR 1,20,000-1,80,000.

Success rate

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The success rate entirely relies on the physiology of females and it is crucial to understand the success rate is around 30-35% with this technology. Variety of factors are there which lead to affecting the success rate of test tube baby treatment such as age, infertility duration among the male and female, lifestyle, other health conditions, infertility cause, sperm and egg quality, infertility type etc. If you are apprehensive about the treatment, then you should get in touch with the renowned and experienced services such as Crysta IVF.

Myths around test tube baby

A. Test tube babies are born with malformations

Fact: If you believe that test tube babies are born with malformations, then it is a myth. The procedure is completely safe and it has nothing to do with a problem like this. In fact, the chances of this problem are entirely the same as that in the traditional pregnancy. The first IVF baby was born in 1978 and since then the technology has managed to come a long way.

B. Test tube babies are artificial

Fact: Another misconception which is very stereotypical as well. There is nothing like that if you think that you can also pick the baby traits or you can have a customized baby then don’t do this to yourself. The process is different when it comes to achieving the pregnancy with this technology but further is entirely the same as natural pregnancy. The only difference is of sexual intercourse. So, don’t believe such myths and always keep yourself informed.

C. Test tube babies are infertile

Fact: It is also believed that since the mother and father had a reproductive issue, then it means that their future baby will also face the same problem. It’s a misconception and there is no reality linked to this myth.

D. Multiple pregnancy occurs with IVF

Fact: Yes, there are cases of multiple pregnancies but it happens very less. This occurs to the women who consider getting this treatment done at a young age. But women over the age of 35 may not experience this kind of issue.

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What is a test tube baby?

Test tube baby is another term used for IVF technology and also babies who are born through this are known as test tube babies. The treatment is given to couples longing for parenthood for years. Crysta IVF is one such name that has been offering the services for years with a high success rate.

Is test tube baby treatment expensive?

Yes, test tube baby prices are expensive but it depends on services to services. We at Crysta IVF are offering the most affordable price and you can start the treatment with us at INR 1,20,000-1,80,000.

Do test tube babies have problems?

No, not at all. Babies born with a test tube are completely normal like any other baby born through natural pregnancy. If you are skeptical because of this reason, then don’t be and get the treatment done.

Is this treatment successful?

The success of a test tube baby depends on female physiology and the success rate with this treatment is around 37.6% that too if the woman is below 35 years of age. There are other factors as well which affect the success of this treatment such as infertility, age, egg and sperm quality etc.

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From infertility basics to right fertility treatments to chances of your fertility treatment, the fertility experts at
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From infertility basics to right fertility treatments to chances of your fertility treatment, the fertility experts at Crysta IVF are always available to answer all your queries.

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