Check Your Stress Levels
Before You Plan Your Pregnancy

Check Your Stress Levels Before You Plan Your Pregnancy

Stress Calculator

Stress and Infertility Are Closely Related

Stress alone cannot result in permanent infertility, but several studies confirm that stress delays conception. It is not only the case when you are trying to conceive through IVF treatment, but the same can be the reason when you are trying for natural pregnancy.

It has been observed in multiple cases that couples who have lower anxiety and stress have higher chances of pregnancy and vice-versa.

So, we at Crysta IVF, after a thorough analysis, acknowledgment of various researches, and discussion with highly qualified fertility doctors and specialists, recommend a stress calculation before initiating pregnancy trials through IVF Procedure.

Well, to ease the process and save time, we present to you a simple test or an online stress calculator. All you need to do is answer a few questions honestly and get to know your stress levels.

Calculating your stress levels before consulting a doctor can help you manage this reversible cause of infertility and open the doors of the parenthood journey.

Calculate Your Stress Score With a Simple Quiz

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Need for Stress Calculator Before Pregnancy:

1. To Avoid Delayed Pregnancy:

Recent studies reveal that women with higher stress have high alpha-amylase levels (enzyme marking stress), and their chances of pregnancy are delayed by 29%.

So, it becomes necessary to calculate stress and take the steps needed for its management; when you step forward for family planning.

2. Maintain Regular Cycles:

Irregular menstrual cycles are one of the common causes of infertility, and these cycles can only delay pregnancy be it with or without IVF.

Stress often affects, or better say, trip-up ovulation, and that, in turn, leads to mismanaged periods, which is a hindrance in pregnancy.

3. Improved Sexual Health:

Stressed couples often are not sexually active. The lower frequency of intercourse results in reduced chances of natural pregnancy, and in the case of IVF, it might not be possible to get healthy sperm and ovaries.

The above situation will prevent you from seeing the much-awaited two lines on the pregnancy strip.

1. Better Lifestyle:

Stress can build a habit of frequent smoking, alcohol consumption, poor sleeping patterns, and sticking to an unhealthy diet. All of them can together worsen your infertility issues.

So, to avoid male infertility and female infertility problems due to stress, a stress calculator is beneficial.

2. For a Desired Mental and Physical Health:

The chances of success of IVF Treatment are more when you are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound

With simple stress calculating tests, the doctors at Crysta IVF understand your overall health precisely and offer customized counseling accordingly. Also, taking the necessary steps on time avoids the physical complications that can strike the body due to stress, leading to ideal conditions for conceiving.

A simple stress calculator and guidance by the best fertility doctors in India can lead your way to a complete happy family.

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