Success Rate Of IVF With Donor Eggs In India

Detailed analysis of IVF with donor eggs

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With the help of fertility treatments and numerous ART methods, many women with infertility have found the answers to their questions. But still, some of them face complications when analyzing egg qualities, as in most cases, women suffering from poor egg quality opt for IVF with donor eggs.

Ideally, IVF’s success rate with donor eggs is usually higher than using a woman’s eggs to start the fertilization process. 

However, if you want to know about the success rate of IVF with donor eggs in India, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will cover all the vital aspects you need to know about the success rate of IVF with donor eggs.

How it is different from IVF with your eggs and how successful the treatment can be for you in India, but let us first comprehend what donor eggs are in the first place.

Donor Eggs: An Overview

In certain conditions, when a couple becomes unable to get pregnant even after going under the IVF treatment due to poor egg quality, then in this case, the healthcare provider advises them to consider donor eggs to perform the IVF treatment successfully.

With the help of donor eggs in IVF, many women suffering from ovulation disorders have become pregnant. 

In egg donor IVF, the supposed-to-be mother would not be genetically related to the baby.

On the other hand, if using one’s eggs in IVF, the mother would also be genetically related to the baby.

While on the other hand, the father would be genetically related to the newborn whether the donor eggs are used or not, as there are no sperms used in the IVF process. 

Donor eggs are recommended to whom?

After thoroughly examining what donor eggs are, it is time to learn who should use them and under what conditions.

However, the myth that  not all IVF treatments require donor eggs; they only require them in some cases like: 

  • Women falling between the age groups of 33 and 45 going through infertility complications 
  • Women suffering from ovulation disorders 
  • Same-sex couples 

IVF with donor egg process step by step 

So now? Knowing who needs IVF with donor eggs is not enough, and it’s time to study the process step by step.

Medical examination of patients: In the first step, a medical exam is performed to determine the issues that couples are facing. Only after a proper analysis the donor eggs are recommended. 

Selection of an egg donor: With the help of healthcare professionals and keeping in mind the couple’s preferences, an egg donor will be selected after carefully examining her health conditions.

Stimulation: The selected donor is monitored for a shorter period based on their health condition. The ovaries are stimulated with the help of certain medications to produce more and more matured eggs. At the same time, the mother’s uterine lining is prepared to attach to the embryo for further development. 

Egg collection: Embryologists retrieve and process the donor’s eggs in the ART laboratory after stimulation.

Sperm collection: On the same day of egg retrieval, the male partner will be asked to provide a fresh semen sample to initiate fertilization. 

Fertilization: When the eggs and sperm are retrieved, the embryologist makes sure to combine the eggs and sperm neatly in a petri dish in a modern laboratory so that fertilization can occur.

Embryo Transfer: The developed embryo( fertilized egg) will be transferred into the woman’s uterine lining for further nourishment.

Follow-up after the transfer: Two weeks after the embryo transfer, your healthcare provider will conduct a pregnancy test to confirm whether you have conceived.

After a thorough analysis, if you are looking forward to opting for IVF with donor eggs, it is better to have comprehensive knowledge of the success rate of IVF with donor eggs.

So, to know the success rate in India, read on. 

The success rate of IVF with donor eggs

The most vital question that puts everyone in a dilemma is:

what will the success rate be if IVF with donor eggs is performed?

And this question will be very tricky if you have been trying to conceive naturally or through IVF but have failed due to poor-quality eggs. 

However, you do not have to worry; the provided data by CDC (centers for disease control) says that IVF with donor eggs has a higher success rate in combating female infertility.

With a percentage of approximately 55.9% with fresh embryo transfer and 40.2% with frozen embryo transfer ( when the embryos are frozen to use them later).

Hence, discuss with an IVF expert and select the best fertility centre. You can also look into the success rates of where you are getting your treatment and the egg donor price. 

Success rate by the age of the patient

The variations depend on the receptivity of the uterus. Also, research says implantation and pregnancy rates are lower in women aged 45–50 than in younger women.

At the same time, the miscarriage percentage increases significantly even after the age of 45.

On average, the donor egg IVF success rates (pregnancy rates) are 69% for patients under 45 and 63% for women falling in the age group between 45 and 50.

In short, the maximum age for IVF with a donor egg is 50.

What does donor egg IVF cost?

Ideally, the donor egg IVF cost in India may range from 35,000 to 55,000 INR, depending on your requirement, health condition, and treatment.

Would you consider going for IVF with donor eggs?

IVF with donor eggs? It might not sound ordinary, but it is more than you believe. Nowadays, opting for IVF with donor eggs has become popular.

You do not need to get anxious if you are repeatedly stuck on the same question.

IVF with donor eggs is for women who have poor egg quality, menopausal women, females with ovulation disorders, or women who have no ovulation at all.

If you think you fall into the same category, it is high time to take a stand and consult your IVF doctor now regarding the donor egg programme.

Want to connect with a fertility expert?

As stated, IVF with donor eggs carries a much higher rate than performing it with one’s eggs. Though to expect better results, it is better to consult your doctor, monitor your health regularly, and refrain from smoking, drinking, and intensive exercise during the IVF with donor eggs procedure.

Thus, talk to your IVF doctor at the earliest opportunity, and reach out to a top-notch fertility centre Crysta IVF the best IVF centre in Delhi, to solve all your doubts regarding fertility issues.

Here, the IVF doctors and the panel of experts will ensure you get a personalized approach to examining your health condition and fertility complications so that you can also take a step without being afraid to plan for a healthy baby.

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