Understanding Semen Analysis Report: Purpose, Procedure & Price


Did you know that one in every six people faces infertility issues during their reproductive age? You will be amazed that it is not only the problem of females, but approximately 30% of problems of infertility occur in males. 

The reason behind this could be due to low sperm count or production. Hence, one must surely consider undergoing semen analysis if the couple is not able to conceive for a long time. 

If you are confused about whether you must opt for a semen analysis, how it is performed, the cost involved, or how to analyze the report, then don’t worry. This article will help you understand and solve all your queries related to Semen Analysis. 

Understanding Semen and Semen Analysis

Semen is the most potent bodily fluid and a trait that helps males procreate. Sperm found in semen create babies when they fertilize with female eggs. 

Semen is made up of:

  • Spermatozoa, or sperm cells
  • Seminal fluid
  • Protein, Vitamins & Minerals

Male semen can be estimated and analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively using a test called Semen Analysis. It is typically considered a part of the first assessment for infertility in men.

Semen Analysis Test Procedure

Whenever you go for a Semen Analysis, the doctor will give you instructions on being fully prepared for the test. After you have carefully considered all the factors and prepared for the analysis, the IVF specialist or andrologist will start the procedure. 

During the semen analysis procedure, an andrologist will take your sample of semen by either having them masturbate into a sterile jar or by using a particular condom that the therapist has provided during sexual activity. 

Sperm can be produced at home or in a clinic, but to prevent damage, it must reach the andrologist within 30 minutes of the instructions being followed. The sample is produced in the laboratory and examined using conventional methods at low and high magnifications, with and without staining.

Simple Procedure of Collecting Semen

The procedures for gathering semen are as follows:

  • Make sure you thoroughly wash your intimate areas with soap to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Use a personal towel to dry the intimate area
  • Gentle massaging without the use of lubricant is recommended
  • Gather all of the semen in a sterile cup, drop by drop
  • Quickly cover the cup and give it to the specialist

What is the Actual Purpose of Semen Analysis 

Semen Analysis is done to:

Male Infertility 

It is determined by analyzing the semen, which assesses a man’s potential to make the woman pregnant. Infertility can occasionally result from a fault in a man’s sperm. This is why it’s a routine test during IVF.

Vasectomy Follow-up

The outcome of a vasectomy is known by analyzing the semen. Sperm in semen is delivered to the vagina via these tubes. The sperm delivery passage is blocked during the vasectomy surgery. Hence, semen analysis is done to know if the male has undergone a vasectomy. 

Who Needs a Semen Analysis Test?

Males who are experiencing certain given symptoms must go for semen analysis:

  • Low sperm count
  • Medical history
  • Vasectomy
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Sexual dysfunction 
  • Obesity

Semen Analysis Test Price

The cost of a semen analysis test varies from one city to another. Several other factors affect the price of analysis. Tier-3 cities often offer the least expensive operation, whereas Tier-1 cities typically offer the most expensive one. 

The price can vary from Rs. 700 to Rs. 3000. It depends on the clinic, consultation, city, expert advice, and other services offered. Other external elements that impact the cost of semen analysis include taxes, physical space requirements, material procurement costs, and so on.

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How to Check Sperm Analysis Report?

Comparing the individual numerical values with the parameters’ standard numerical values is the proper way to read and understand the report. However, for report interpretation and analysis, you should go to the best fertility clinic in Delhi to consult with the top experts. 

A specialist will examine your sample in a lab once it has been received. This will yield a multitude of data, such as:

  • Volume of semen
  • Total sperm count
  • Sperm concentration
  • Motility of sperms
  • Forward progression
  • Morphology of sperms
  • Viability of sperms
  • Viscosity of semen
  • Sperm agglutination
  • Leucocytes
  • Round cells
  • pH

Semen Analysis Normal Range

Once you receive the report, you will realize that it is difficult to know if you have low sperm quantity or you have abnormalities. For this purpose, in 2010, the WHO created a normal-range semen analysis to compare it with other patients.

Variable Value
Sperm ValueMore than 1.5 ml
Sperm Concentration More than 15 million/ml
Total Sperm CountMore than 39 million
Sperm Progressive Motility (A+B)More than 32%
Sperm MorphologyMore than 4%
Sperm DNA FragmentationLess than 30%
Non – Sperm CellsLess than 1 million/ml

Interpretation of Sperm Analysis Report

Here are the following interpretations of what you can get in your analysis report:

  • Your Sperm Quantity:

At least 15 million sperm/milliliter of semen is considered an average quantity. Anything below that is seen as a low sperm count.

  • Sperm Motility: 

Your physician will assess the quantity and quality of sperm motility. At least 50% of the sperm sample must be viable.

  • Your Sperm’s Morphology or Appearance: 

Your sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg depends on size and shape. At least 4% of the sperm in typical semen will have a regular shape.

  • Volume:

The amount of semen you can supply for your sample will be noted. At least 1.5 milliliters is considered normal. If your sample size is smaller than that, it may indicate that your seminal vesicles are obstructed or aren’t producing enough fluid.

  • Chemical Composition:

pH level determines the acidity or alkalinity of your semen. pH typically ranges from 7.1 to 8.0. A pH imbalance can affect your sperm motility. 

Abnormal Semen Analysis

Men with low sperm counts can still be fertile, and vice versa; therefore, test results aren’t necessarily a reliable sign of viability. However, a specialist can only tell you if your semen is normal or abnormal. 

Some reasons for abnormal semen analysis:

  • Delaying the semen return for sample testing can affect the test findings. 
  • Masturbating a lot can result in low sperm count
  • No quantity of the semen should be discarded after ejaculation. 
  • Smoking or drinking a lot of alcohol could result in abnormalities 
  • Prescribed medicines can alter the results

The Bottom Line

Semen analysis assesses your sperm count, motility, morphology, and other factors. It may serve as a fertility test or serve as proof that a vasectomy was effective. 
It’s normal to experience anxiety or embarrassment when offering a semen sample. But we at Crysta IVF ensure you don’t experience any discomfort. When handling, discussing, and analyzing semen samples, we provide comfort and your private space for everything. If you are thinking of going for a sperm analysis, connect with us today.

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