Fertility Fact Revealed: Biological Or Physiological Age Affect Female Fertility

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Chronological Age & Physiological Age Matters For Female Fertility.

Contraceptives help women delay conception and plan their pregnancy as per their choice. While planning pregnancy can be your choice, you shall still consider specific factors that might affect your fertility, especially age.

For female fertility, both the physiological and chronological age matter. Before we get into the fact of how female fertility and age are related, let us first learn what are chronological and physiological age

Chronological Age:

Chronological Age refers to the age for which the person has been living after birth.


Physiological Age:

Physiological Age is the person’s biological age depending on the lifestyle, habits, diet, exercise, sleep, and other factors. 

Physiological age differs from the biological age, as the habits and lifestyle of the person can keep them healthy or deteriorate their wellness.

Insights About Age and Female Fertility As Per The Recent Study

A recent study published in the Indian Express reveals several facts about Fertility in Females. A few of the essential points include:

  • The rural belt has a fertility rate of 82%
  • Compared to the rural areas, fertility rates in urban places is much lower, i.e., only 60%.

Well, there is not only a difference in female fertility rates in rural and urban India, but also there is a significant difference in the cause of infertility. 

Causes of Female Infertility in Rural and Urban Areas

  • One of the major reasons that vary the causes of female fertility in remote and developed areas is the lifestyle.
  • The women in rural areas suffer infertility due to menstruation griminess leading to tubal infections.
  •  On the contrary, the fertility rates of developed cities are due to delayed marriages, prolonged use of contraceptive measures, and fast-paced life.

In urban areas, where the female fertility rate is continuously in the fall, women need to get in touch with fertility specialists.

It is because Age and Fertility are closely related, and women need to understand this alarming reason for infertility.

How Physiological Age is Alarming For Women Infertility?

Female Infertility might be the consequence of multiple sequential events. However, lifestyle and other factors affecting female fertility are reversible; age, on the other hand, is irreversible.

So, while you plan your family, it is essential to understand how age impacts fertility.

  • Although the female fertility age is between 15 to 49 years, ovarian ageing and high-quality eggs decline your fertility.
  • Female Fertility is at its peak between 25 to 29 years, and after that, it declines gradually.
  • Between 30 to 35, the fertility in females reduces slowly, wherein natural pregnancy can be possible if your physiological age is not impacted by chronological age. Else, if the quality of eggs or ovulation is degraded, one needs assistance through ART procedures.
  • After 35 years of age, the Female Fertility Rate declines speedily. So, natural pregnancy after 35 is rare and challenging.
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Why and How Does Ovarian Ageing Affect Fertility in Females?

Ovaries are the only organs in the female body that stops working after a lifespan. 

While you can be carefree and consider that age is just a number, as far as the chronological age is concerned. Still, you cannot ignore age in family planning for physiological reasons.

Studies and Research reveal that menopause strikes women in India 5 years earlier than in European countries.

Menopause means the ovaries in the body stop functioning and do not produce eggs anymore, which is primarily the end of fertility for women.

It is possible to get pregnant only through IVF treatment in such conditions. So, herein, if you preserve your healthy eggs in your reproductive age, the doctors proceed with IVF through frozen embryos or else they suggest you for IVF through the Donor Programme.

What is IVF?

IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is an advanced ART procedure used to treat infertility issues in both men and women. In this process, the fertility specialist collects eggs and sperm from the male and female partners, respectively, for fertilization in the lab under ideal conditions. After that, the best-quality embryo (single or multiple) are transplanted into the uterus to initiate the pregnancy.

Ways to Deal With Female Infertility Due to Physiological Ageing:

Well, like every medical condition, there are two possible ways to deal with female infertility issues due to physiological age:

  • Take precautions well in advance, or else
  • Opt for the cure once the issue impacts you.

For precautions, you can meet the best gynecologist around you, avail of a diagnosis to check your reproductive conditions and then opt for family planning accordingly.


If you have not taken the precautions and are struggling to conceive after consistent trials, decide to meet the doctor and then take the necessary steps to be pregnant. 

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