Top Factors Reducing Fertility in Women

top factors reducing fertility in women

Over 13.8% of women worldwide between 15 to 49 years of age suffer from infertility, and it is one of the most devastating issues for all women facing the same. 

Well, most of us keep struggling with pregnancy, but What’s the solution?

The first and foremost thing is to learn the reasons that reduce Fertility in Women. 


When trying for pregnancy naturally, it’s mandatory to understand the fact until when shall you try for natural pregnancy and when it becomes mandatory to seek Female Infertility Treatment

As per the medical experts, and based on several pieces of research:

  • Women below 35 years can try for natural pregnancy until 1 year, and
  • Women above 35 years should seek consultation after trying unprotective intercourse for 6 months

It might be distressing if you do not accept facts about your infertility struggle and avoid meeting the gynaecologist for long.

However, before entering the stressful play of positive or negative pregnancy results, it’s better you prepare for pregnancy. 

The simple solution is to learn the causes of infertility in women and avoid the same.

Reasons Affecting Fertility in Women

Out of multiple issues women have been facing so far, infertility significantly affects physical and mental health. Here are a few reasons that impact Women’s Fertility, and you should take care while planning your pregnancy.

Non Modifiable Factors That Affect Woman’s Fertility

Non Modifiable Factors are the causes of sterile conditions in women that cannot be reversed medically. Under such conditions, one should immediately progress for Fertility Test in Woman and require Assisted Reproductive Technology for pregnancy. 

Natural pregnancy in such cases is not only complicated but, most of the time, impossible.

Factors That Affect Woman’s Fertility

1. Availability of The Fixed Number of Eggs

Every woman is born with a fixed ovarian reserve of 1 to 2 million, and by the age of puberty, only 3-4 lakh eggs remain. You might be surprised to know that only 300 to 400 eggs can be ovulated out of the enormous ovarian reserve throughout the reproductive life cycle. 

 Expert Advice: No medical surgery or assistance increases ovarian reserve. The only solution to this infertility leading issue is to plan your pregnancy within reproductive age.

2. Biological Clock

There is no denying the fact that pregnancy is a choice, and you should opt for the same when you are ready. At the same time, we cannot ignore the science of the reproductive system. 

Fertility in Women starts declining in the late 20s; it sharply reduces by 35, and at 40, you are at an alarming stage. 

Expert Advice: The biological clock is an essential consideration whether you are avoiding pregnancy for personal, financial or professional reasons. 

women fertility decline with age

Modifiable Factors That Impact Fertility in Women

Modifiable factors that impact women’s fertility are all those that depend on your habits. Managing all the unhealthy practices before planning your pregnancy can help you get pregnant naturally, fast and without struggle.

1. Sleeping Pattern

Today’s sleep patterns and lifestyle habits keep us far from the ideal life. Most people are wide awake until midnight and then wake up late the next day. Not completing the sleeping hours affects hormones and hormonal imbalances, and it can significantly lead to low Fertility in Women.

Expert Advice: When planning your pregnancy, it’s highly recommended to rest appropriately, sleep on time, and start your day afresh.

2. Unhealthy Diet

Relying on junk food to end hunger is the new norm today, and people are far from a healthy diet until they face harmful consequences. An imbalanced intake of nutrition fluctuates the BMI, and the higher the BMI, the lower the Fertility in Women.

Expert Advice: Eat healthy while planning for pregnancy, and avoid consuming packaged food. Women with high or low weight face issues in consumption. If you do not wish to face any difficulty in conceiving naturally, stick to a healthy diet. Dietary habits reduce Fertility in Women and Men. 

3. Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol and tobacco is one of the primary causes that reduce Fertility in Women. Heavy drinking significantly increases ovulation issues, leads to disorders in the menstrual flow, and affects implantation in the uterus. In short, even if you conceive and continue to drink, there are higher chances of miscarriage. 

Furthermore, smoking is more harmful to fertility. Some of the adverse effects of infertility are delayed pregnancy, miscarriage, and early childhood congenital disabilities. 

Expert Advice: Under no circumstances alcohol or tobacco consumption is acceptable during pregnancy. In extreme cases, consuming tobacco and alcohol for a prolonged period might lead to infertility. 

4. Multiple Sexual Partners

With Multiple Sexual Partners, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is high. These STDs might further result in tubal blockage, restricting all the ways of natural pregnancy. Even if you seek Fertility Tests For Women in such cases, the only way to conceive is through ART procedures.

Expert Advice: Multiple Sexual Partners not only impact reproductive health but it has multiple other consequences on health. So, it’s better to be with a single partner, especially when planning your family. 

5. Overexercising or Not Exercising:

Facts and studies reveal that women who exercise regularly have higher fertility rates than those without any exercise schedule. However, it does not mean that you shall involve in rigorous physical exertion. Extremities are never favourable while you are trying to get pregnant. 

Expert Advice: For better reproductive health, exercise regularly. It will help you maintain the proper menstrual cycle, keep your eggs healthy, and improve the chances of fertilization.

Irrespective of the cause of lower fertility in women, opt for Fertility Test for Women if you are unable to conceive. In fact, both partners should seek fertility tests. 

Concluding Lines

Fertility in Women is a severe concern and needs to be appropriately addressed if anyone goes through the same. The doctors at Crysta IVF have field experience of over two decades of dealing with infertility and offer personalized empathetic assistance. 

If you are trying hard for pregnancy and gain no results, it’s high time to consult the Best Gynecologist in Kolkata. We assure you assistance with 100% confidentiality and a tailor-made solution depending on your medical conditions.

Stay Tuned For More Updates, and Keep Up Your Hope; We Are Here to Cater to All Your Needs When You Are Planning Your Pregnancy.