7 Ways to Prepare Your Body For IVF Success

7 Ways to Prepare Your Body For IVF Success

Did you know that about 1 in 6 people around the world experience infertility issues sometime in their lives?

Infertility is a common but challenging problem that often leaves patients emotionally drained. IVF treatment has emerged as an impactful solution for infertile couples trying to conceive.

However, this procedure is quite extensive and may take 2-4 months to complete Hence, it becomes necessary for couples to prepare for IVF beforehand, to enhance their chances of success and prevent any complications.

If you are going to or are planning to go through an IVF procedure and wondering about what you can do to prepare for it, we have it all lined up for you. Read through this article to learn about tips to prepare for your IVF treatment.

Why is IVF Preparation Important?

The 2 to 4 week period preceding your IVF cycle is believed to be a crucial time to ensure the success of your IVF treatment. Making small lifestyle changes, following a healthy diet, staying informed about the procedure, and managing stress levels. Following these steps can have a positive impact on your chances of a successful conception. Anticipating the process and exploring all possibilities can be a healthy decision and also improve your state of mind during the procedure, making you less anxious and tense about the whole process. That’s why you should surely consider preparing for your IVF treatment well before the start of your IVF cycle.

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7 Preparation Tips for IVF Success

Preparing for an IVF treatment can ensure better chances of conception. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself for the procedure, here are some effective and common tips you should follow:

Know the Facts

One of the best ways to eliminate all the pre-treatment anxiety is to know all about the IVF procedure and what is going to happen at each phase. Doing this allows you to be ready for the upcoming treatment, tackle all the stress and be confident throughout the procedure. It’s a good option to properly consult with your medical professional and ask them all about your doubts and concerns regarding the process.

Financial Planning

It’s good to have a fair idea of the cost involved in the whole IVF treatment so you can plan your financials accordingly. There may be certain additional costs involved excluded from the base cost according to your medical conditions and the duration of the procedure. It is important to discuss with your facility about the total costs involved and ask for a transparent cost plan, including all miscellaneous costs that may be incurred during the procedure.

Manage Stress Levels

It is natural to be stressed before going through an IVF Treatment. Different individuals handle stress differently based on their personalities and perceptions. However, it is important to manage and minimize your stress levels before going through an IVF cycle to ensure chances of success and maintain a healthy state of mind. Increased stress levels reportedly result in decreased fertility and overall health problems. Hence, you should try to be in a positive and mindful state before starting your IVF Treatment.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and proper supplementation can boost your chances of a successful IVF. Including essential nutrients like Vitamin B7, B12, Vitamin C, D, folate, protein, and other micronutrients can prepare and strengthen your overall body health for the upcoming procedure. A healthy diet also helps you maintain a balanced BMI, which is crucial for a healthy IVF conception. So, be sure to avoid processed & artificially flavored foods and stick to a balanced diet before your IVF procedure.

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Quit Smoking

If you or your partner are an active smoker, it’s time to quit. Hard as it sounds, quitting smoking is extremely important to ensure a safe and healthy conception. Smoking reduces fertility in both men and women, often creating other reproductive problems. These problems make it harder for couples to conceive and dramatically increase the chances of failed conception. Although it might be quite tough to quit instantly, you can still make efforts to minimize the habit and stop eventually.

Yoga and Exercise

Various studies have found that yoga can be quite beneficial to prepare for your IVF journey. It has a lot of health benefits and may help to reduce stress, balance blood pressure levels, and may improve mood too. Fertility yoga, a type of yoga that aims at improving your fertility levels, can also be practiced. It is a specialized yoga that focuses on different asanas, breathing, and meditation techniques to improve your fertility and overall reproductive health.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are known to have a negative impact on fertility and reproductive health. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine can put a heavy toll on your physical well-being. They may also disrupt your hormonal balance. It is important to limit your intake of both these drinks to prevent any complications during your IVF Treatment. A limited intake is also beneficial for your overall health.

Pro tip: Along with the other tips, Choosing your Support System can prove to be quite instrumental in ensuring a comfortable and positive IVF experience. Close friends and families can help you stay motivated and calm throughout the process while taking care of all your emotional needs.

Choosing The Right Fertility Centre

One of the most important aspects of IVF preparation is choosing the right IVF facility. A well-equipped, technically sound facility with experienced staff and medical professionals can help provide you with the best treatment and support that you need throughout and after the procedure. If you are looking for such a facility, Crysta IVF might be the perfect choice for you. Our Fertility centers have 20+ years of experience and expertise in fertility treatments and are equipped with some of the best doctors across India. So do not let your dream of parenthood wait anymore, book a consultation with one of our fertility experts today!

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Q- Does sleep play a role in IVF Success?

Absolutely. A good sleep schedule is beneficial for overall physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation may lead to hormonal imbalances and stress issues, often contributing to problems during IVF treatments. A regular 6-8 hour sleep schedule helps you stay healthy.

Q- What foods to avoid before and during an IVF Treatment?

It is important to maintain a balanced diet and steer clear of all processed and artificially flavored foods. Excessively sugary foods and drinks should be avoided as well. Moreover, you should try to limit or stop the consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Q- How do you manage IVF stress?

Although everyone responds differently to IVF treatments and tackles stress in different ways, practices like meditation, yoga, engaging in hobbies, walking outdoors in nature, and talking to your loved ones can help with stress management. You may also opt for professional counseling or therapy to manage IVF Stress and ensure a successful conception.

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