Test Tube Baby: A Complete Guide To The Need, Process, Requirements, Side-Effects, and More

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Motherhood is one of the best feelings that complete women. Well, not everyone is blessed enough to experience this bliss.

Over 48 million couples across the globe suffer from infertility.

If we talk specifically about India, 15% of couples are infertile in their reproductive age.

Well, the fact of being infertile is stressful, but only until you think about Test Tube Baby or IVF treatment.

Yes, you heard it right. If you cannot conceive naturally (irrespective of infertility in men or women), you can opt for artificial pregnancy. The years of research and advancement in science & technology have made it possible to conceive even if you are infertile.

Today, one of the most successful and miraculous solutions to infertility is the Test Tube Baby Process.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of test-tube babies and get a better insight.

What is a Test Tube Baby?

Test Tube Baby Technique or IVF is the process of artificial conception outside the uterus when the couples suffer from infertility.

A Test-Tube Baby results from human reproduction through medical intervention and not sexual intercourse.

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Conditions That Call For a Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby is a solution for all couples suffering from infertility issues due to identified or undiscovered reasons. Below-mentioned is the list of conditions that might require a test tube baby procedure to experience parenthood.


When the pregnancy fails due to ligated fallopian tubes, a test-tube baby is a possible solution for conceiving.

Ovulation Issues

Ovulation problems are one of the most common reasons for failed pregnancies. However, undergoing a test tube baby procedure can help you retrieve healthy eggs and get rid of infertility. Irrespective of the ovulation issues, whether it is a lack of egg production or the absence of high-quality eggs, IVF or a test tube baby can help you subside the problem.

Improper Sperm Count

Yet another reason for infertility or unsuccessful natural conceiving is a lower sperm count in male partners. It’s possible to rely on Test Tube Baby to answer infertility in low-quality sperm and lower sperm count.

Genetic Concerns

The Test Tube Baby expert professionals recommend undertaking the procedure when there is a risk of passing genetic disorders from parents to newborns.

Unknown Infertility Issues

When the doctors diagnose both the male and female partners and still cannot find the reason, they recommend Test Tube Baby as a solution.

Blockage in Fallopian Tube

A blocked fallopian tube is one of the prime hindrances to fertilization. It is the only way the sperm can travel to eggs; any scarring or damage in the fallopian tubes leads to infertility. However, with Test Tube Baby, the pregnancy is feasible despite the existing blockage in fallopian tubes.


Endometriosis is an infertility condition in women that impacts the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Well, thanks to medical advancement, we have a Test Tube Baby Procedure as an effective solution.

Test-tube baby is a solution in case of all the fertility problems mentioned above and several other infertility issues. However, the couples facing problems with conceiving must consider meeting an IVF specialist.

5 Detailed Steps To Conceive Through Test Tube Baby Procedure

Test Tube Baby Technique in India has significant results for reproduction and fertilization. It proves to be a ray of hope for those who fail to conceive naturally.

Step 1: Hormonal Therapy:

The female partner receives the hormonal injections before initiating the Test Tube Baby Process. This hormonal therapy boosts the maturation of follicles. After the hormonal therapy, the fertility specialists diagnose the patients. If everything is aligned, they inject HCG 36 hours before egg retrieval.

Step 2: Egg Collection From The Ovary

The mother’s egg is the first and foremost requirement to start the test tube baby procedure. The experts retrieve the eggs from ovaries under the sedation effect, and the retrieved eggs are passed to the laboratory.

Step 3: Semen Collection

The fresh semen is collected from the male partner on the same day of egg retrieval.

Step 4: Egg and Sperm Fertilization in Test Tube

The experts put the collected egg and sperm in an incubator for fertilization. Also, the incubator is under consistent monitoring for the formation and growth of an embryo.

Step 5: Embryo Placement

The final step of the test tube baby procedure involves embryo placement in the mother’s uterus. Also, the doctors might suggest progesterone to thicken the uterus lining and make it fit for embryo growth.

Important TipThe Top Test Tube Baby Doctors in Delhi recommend not missing an appointment for diagnosis after the embryo placement.

Opting for Test Tube Baby in case of infertility is the best bet, but it might not be successful in the very first attempt. Based on a couple’s condition and the cause of infertility, doctors might suggest two or more IVF cycles.

While undertaking a test tube baby procedure, one must prepare financially apart from the mental and physical preparation. Here’s an insight.

Cost of Test Tube Baby Treatment in India

The Cost of Test Tube Baby Infertility Treatment in India is not constant, and it varies significantly depending on:

  • Cause of infertility
  • Age of couple
  • Medical history
  • Diagnosis and Medication requirements
  • Number of cycles required for successful results
  • Location of treatment
  • Experience of doctors, and more

However, the range of treatment is approximately between INR 70,000 to 1,50,000. It can be possible to get an exact amount on a personalized consultation with an infertility specialist.

Apart from the inclusions about Test Tube Procedure in India, here is a sneak peek into the side-effects of the process.

Are There Any Side-Effects of Undergoing Test Tube Procedure?

The dilemma of deciding whether or not to opt for Assisted Reproductive Technology is real. For those already enjoying parenthood because of a Test Tube Baby Procedure, it’s a boon, while for others who do not take the first step to consult, it’s confusion.Also, some couples take time to decide on the Test-tube process due to myths around it. So, here is the revelation, if there are any side effects.

Side-Effects of a test-tube baby procedure

  • It may result in multiple pregnancies.
  • There might be a slight risk of vaginal infection during the embryo transfer process in the uterus.
  • In some cases with maternal age above 35 years, there are chances of miscarriage.
  • At times, the mothers might face vaginal swelling.
  • The newborn might be born with a lower weight.

It would be wrong to claim that the test-tube baby procedure is entirely risk-free, but the side effects are minor and manageable. There is no severe side-effect of the process that might risk a mother’s life.

In a Nutshell

For years, the failed conceiving attempts impacted mental peace and even relationships. The stress and anxiety resulting from adverse pregnancy reports might worsen the sterile conditions.It’s always better to book an appointment with infertility specialists and seek an opinion. Test Tube Baby has blessed the lives of millions who had lost hopes. It will not harm you if you are a little easy on yourself. India is blessed with a few of the Best Test-Tube Baby Specialists who offer personalized treatment plans based on specific conditions. Meet the top gynecologists and unlock the miracle of parenthood.

Stay tuned for more information on infertility issues and associated solutions.