Know The Significance of Three Full IVF Cycles For Successful Pregnancy

significance of three full IVF cycles for successful pregnancy

Did You Know?

Infertility is the second most common reason women visit gynecologists; after pregnancy.

Well, it’s a sign that people are conscious of their fertility issues. Not meeting the fertility specialists even after the failure of trials for one to two years might lead to emotional distress, depression, or, in the worst case, even ART might not help.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most popular or, say, result-oriented methodologies for infertility. People trust IVF because its success and procedure have improved drastically over the past 15 years. However, while undergoing infertility treatment, one needs to understand, that it’s a medical process and not a miracle. So, if you wonder, after Failed IVF Cycle, What’s Next? The simplest answer is Take Next!It is because the success of IVF depends on multiple factors like age, the reason causing infertility(known or unknown), or, say, the response of an individual to IVF treatment. Also, the facts reveal that Three Cumulative Full IVF Cycles Improve the Success of Pregnancy by 45-53%.It is one of the significant reasons why the fertility specialists at Crysta IVF recommend undergoing three consequent IVF cycles. Continue for a good read below to understand more Benefits of Back to Back IVF Cycles.

IVF Success & Couple’s Age Are Correlated

For over two decades, couples have delayed their family planning, and since then, they have been facing multiple challenges in pregnancy. The reason for the same is that females are born with a fertility lifespan.As women reach their late 20s or early 30s, the fertility rate declines, and it reduces speedily after 45 years of age; conceiving naturally becomes nearly impossible.

With the increasing reproductive complexity & age, pregnancy chances through IVF are also reduced. In such a case, pregnancy prediction in the first IVF cycle is challenging.

IVF Success-Rate With Multiple IVF Cycles

The IVF Success-Rate is 20-35% for each cycle, increasing with every cycle. However, this success rate is directly proportional to the age factor. For the age above 35 years, the egg quality and the number of eggs reduce significantly. The same is the case with males; the quality of sperms declines considerably. So, the Best IVF Centre in Pune recommends planning pregnancy during the fertility lifespan.Timely planning of pregnancy improves the success of natural conception as well as the minimum IVF Cycles.

When Does a Fertility Specialist Recommend For The Next Round of IVF Cycle?

The IVF specialists do not advise everyone to undergo Multiple IVF Cycles. They suggest two or more IVF Cycles after complete analysis for couples under the following conditions.

  • There are chances of positive conception with a donor egg or sperm.
  • When the doctor feels that the chances of pregnancy improve with alternate drugs & medications, they might recommend multiple IVF cycles.
  • If IVF fails due to improper growth of the embryo before or after the embryo transplant, the chances of pregnancy are high for the subsequent FET Cycle.
  • When the doctor finds even the slightest scope of pregnancy for an unknown reason of infertility, they suggest undergoing a minimum of 3 IVF Cycles before giving up.

Losing hope after failure is normal, be it in any aspect, and not just IVF. Facts reveal that over 65% of couples suffer depression and anxiety due to infertility.So, it’s better to keep a mindset that you might require multiple IVF cycles before even starting the treatment. In such a case, the failure of the first cycle would be minimal distressing, and the hope of success from the second cycle would be higher.

3 IVF Cycles Means Undergoing Entire IVF Process Start To Finish

IVF is a multiple-step process. It includes:

  • Stimulation & Monitoring
  • Ovum Retrieval
  • Sperm Collection
  • Embryo Formation, &
  • Embryo Transfer

If any cycle terminates without completion, it is not counted as the IVF Cycle.After the incomplete cycle, the doctors initiate with canceled or abandoned IVF cycle. In a canceled IVF cycle, ovum retrieval or egg collection is excluded.

Doctors take into account the Successive IVF Cycles only when a patient undertakes IVF Process from Start to Finish. Considering the incomplete procedures might increase the repetition of the procedure.

Special Note: Up to 42 years of age, women can undergo three consecutive IVF Cycles.

Necessary Care After Three Consecutive IVF Cycles

IVF is a time-consuming process (it lasts around 2 to 3 weeks), and undergoing three consecutive cycles might cause a physical and psychological drain. Care is a must for women who conceive after three IVF cycles post-pregnancy. Here is the list of all the precautionary measures one must consider to avoid miscarriage.

Do Not Miss Your Appointments With Gynecologists: Routine check-ups and monitoring are necessary post-IVF, and missing any of the appointments might cause risks or side effects. It’s better to reschedule your consultation with your doctor instead of ignoring the same.

Don’t Stick To Your Bed: Most couples are extra conscious after delayed pregnancy and choose complete bed rest without any recommendations. Well, it’s observed that women who keep moving after pregnancy post 3 IVF Cycles are in a better state. Hold your bed only if your doctor predicts risk and suggests some rest.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is necessary for a healthy pregnancy (with or without IVF). So, completely give up on bad habits like drinking, smoking, or consuming junk food. Take proper sleep of eight hours. Try to sleep on time, and wake up early.

Switch to a Nutritious Diet Plan: A nutritional diet is necessary for the ideal nurturing of the baby in the womb. So, maintain a balanced diet or the one planned by your nutritionist. It’s better to mold your taste buds until delivery.

Exercise, Yoga, or Walk daily: Make a habit of daily exercising during pregnancy for a natural delivery. Keep in mind, that IVF does not always call for C-section; if both the mother and baby are healthy, doctors try for vaginal delivery.

Concluding Lines

For the best results from infertility treatment, consider all the suggestions of the fertility experts continuously progressive to lead the infertile journey of couples to parenthood. Multiple IVF cycles have helped with positive results for millions of couples; it’s just about choosing the best doctors and following their guidance.Along with planning your IVF treatment, it would help if you could pre-manage your finances too. If you seek a quote for IVF Costs in Pune, remember the cost is for a single IVF cycle. For multiple cycles, the price also multiplies.

Prepare well before initiating the treatment, and keep away from stress. Anxiety and Depression might impact your pregnancy reports significantly.