Lucknow’s First Test Tube Baby Births a Healthy Baby Girl

lucknow’s first test tube baby births a healthy baby girl

Yet Another IVF Myth Failed! 

While 8 million couples worldwide have been blessed with parenthood through IVF, billions around us suffering infertility do not approach doctors believing in myths.


IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of the most reliable and result-oriented treatment options against infertility. However, the myths always prevail around medical procedures, which often abducts people from enjoying benefits.

One of the conventional myths around IVF says IVF Born Babies Suffer from Infertility Issues. However, there exists no clinical reality about the same. 

Instead, facts reveal that IVF pregnancy is similar to a normal pregnancy after the first few weeks. Also, IVF babies are just like any other child born after natural conception.

If we consider risks and complications during pregnancy, it can happen with or without IVF. Referring to the IVF procedure for every small or big issue in mother and child after IVF might not be appropriate.

First IVF Baby in Lucknow, Is Now a Mother

Facts and studies have often revealed that IVF or Test Tube Babies lead a healthy life, but the revolving myths build confusion.

Earlier in 2016, there was news that ‘Mumbai’s First Test Tube Baby Harsha Conceived Naturally and Became a Proud Mother of a Baby Boy.’ 

Harsha was 29 years old at the time of pregnancy and did not face any complications in pregnancy or childbirth. Doctors have said then IVF is a boon for all infertile couples and those trying to conceive at a later stage.

It was one of the news that led to hope in many lives, and today another piece of news from Lucknow reassures the existing belief.

journey of a test tube baby towards motherhood

A 23-year young girl- the first test-tube baby of Lucknow, Prarthana, gives birth to a baby girl. 

In a conversation with India Today, Prarthana says that people have misconceptions about IVF procedures. As an IVF baby, she confirms that she never faced any health problems and feels blessed to be a mother. 

The advancement of science, technology, and high-end ART labs in India have made successful infertility treatment possible. It’s highly recommended to consult the doctor if you cannot conceive naturally. Consultation with fertility experts does not lead you towards Test Tube Baby Procedure. 

Taking a chance with safe and proven medical procedures like IVF might convert your parenthood dreams into reality.

Final Words

Infertility not only affects physically but mentally and emotionally too. A consultancy with a gynecologist might help you overcome all the issues and understand the cause of infertility. 

However, the most important thing to overcoming infertility is accepting the fact and talking about it. 

You are not alone in your infertility journey; millions face the same issues and receive the solution after talking to experts. So, take a step towards parenthood with IVF, not with stress. It can further worsen infertility and worsen the infertility issues. 

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