Women’s Equality Day 2022; Fertile or Infertile- Every Women Is Equal

Women Equality Day 2022

Women’s Equality Day was celebrated on the 26th of August to celebrate the Right to Vote for women. 

Well, equality is not only about the voting power but the gender equality 

Facts reveal that infertility is not just a women’s issue; it impacts men equally. Researches reveal that over one-third of infertility issues are due to women, one-third are due to men, and the rest are due to unknown causes. 

Next time, if you are struggling with pregnancy, the best way out is to consult a gynecologist in Noida for Infertility Tests before assuming the reason for infertility.

Facts You Should Know About Infertility

Fact 1: Not all people show signs of infertility

Infertility does not reflect any significant symptoms. Unless people try to conceive, they rarely come to know about their fertility conditions. The fertility experts and gynecologists recommend visiting them for regular health checkups to ensure your reproductive health conditions. 

When you visit gynae for regular health checks, in most conditions, it’s possible to diagnose the conditions that might lead to infertility in the future. However, if these reversible causes of infertility are timely addressed, then it might not lead to any struggle in conceiving later.

Fact 2: You are not alone in the infertility journey

Over 186 million individuals worldwide live with infertility issues. So, if you are one of those struggling with infertility, don’t be shy about it. It’s yet another medical condition that needs to be discussed and addressed at the right time by medical professionals. 

Moreover, infertility is not only because of age. Millions of people of their reproductive age are impacted by infertility. So, if you have been trying to conceive naturally for more than 12 months, it’s time to visit a fertility specialist.

Special Remark: Next time, if you, as a woman, are blamed for not conceiving without medical assistance, speak out and stand up for yourself. You have all the rights to be treated equally and with equal respect. 

Women’s Equality Day is not only for the right to vote but for the right to equality in every sense. Fertile or Not, every woman is equal.

Fact 3: Infertility can be primary or secondary

Infertility varies from person to person and their specific medical conditions. Primary fertility refers to a situation of male and female infertility wherein they cannot conceive at all without medical support.

On the contrary, secondary infertility is when a couple can get pregnant and deliver a child naturally for the first time but struggle with conceiving the next time. 

Special Remark: No matter whether it’s Primary or secondary infertility, the cause of infertility can be both men and women. So, do not back off from seeking your right to medical consultancy in case of infertility.

This Women’s Equality Day, let’s pledge to speak up not only for our rights but to support other women too who are leading a miserable life due to infertility.

Fact 4: Infertility is Treatable:

Infertility is normal and not always controllable. The reasons are varied in both men and women.

 Some of the common causes of male and female infertility are:

  • Poor lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Obesity
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • Sperm disorders, and
  • Other Unknown Causes

Now, most women, due to a lack of freedom and decisive authority, start living with infertility stress and keep trying for pregnancy naturally.

Instead, the right way is to seek professional help and opt for feasible infertility treatment.

Some of the most successful IVF Treatment options are IVF, IUI, ICSI, and several others.

You can avail of the treatment by looking into the possible medical conditions.

Special Remarks: This Women’s Equality Day, stand for your right to make decisions that are related to your life. Significantly if it can impact your health, you should have no tolerance for the same.

Take Away

Fertile or Infertile, every woman is equal. Medical conditions cannot decide to treat you as inferior.


Infertility is Not Inferiority.

However, before anyone else can support or speak up for you, you shall help yourself. Every woman deserves respect, safety, equality, freedom, and health. However, you can leverage the benefits when you know your rights and duties.

So, we at Crysta IVF today celebrate Women’s Equality Day by sharing the facts about infertility and equality for every woman without any judgment, irrespective of their reproductive conditions.

We seek the responsibility to ensure the reproductive health of each one approaching us for consultation, with a little bit of science mixed with care and compassion.

Stay Tuned for more updates on infertility, infertility treatment, and feel free to connect in case you need personalized assistance.