IVF With Low AMH? Possible Or Not!

IVF With Low AMH? Possible Or Not

AMH, or Anti Mullerian Hormone, indicates the Ovarian Reserve in the female body. The lower levels of AMH often reflect lower ovarian reserve. Now, one of the major concerns due to low AMH levels is the confusion that it might lead to permanent Female Infertility.

However, before reaching any conclusion, you must analyze the difference between a myth and reality. 

So, herein let us understand in detail, what AMH is, what are the signs and Symptoms of low AMH levels, and how it is possible to know if you have diminished ovarian reserve, and does low AMH affect IVF results?; and more.

Know What Is AMH or Anti Mullerian Hormone?

AMH is the hormone that is produced by the granulosa cells present in the ovaries. These hormones show the levels of ovarian reserve in the female body. If the AMH levels are lower than standard, the female has a Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

The question arises, how is it possible to check the AMH Levels of the body?

Well, diagnosing AMH levels is highly convenient and possible with a simple hormonal test followed by an ultrasound. 

challenges in ivf treatment with low amh

Signs and Symptoms of Low AMH Levels:

Your body starts reflecting specific signs and symptoms when the AMH levels are low, and you would require an AMH test. Some common indications for fluctuated or Diminished Ovarian Reserves are mentioned below.

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles:

The doctors recommend testing your AMH levels when you observe a missed or irregular menstrual cycle.

  • PCOS:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the primary causes of infertility and causes multiple disorders in the reproductive system. So, if you are suffering from PCOS, it is essential to get AMH tested and plan your pregnancy accordingly after consulting with the doctor.

  • Ovarian Cancer:

When you have ovarian cancer, there can be different consequences on your reproductive health. It can vary from one woman to another and can sometimes impact ovarian reserve. So, it’s always better to get AMH levels checked when you have cancer.

  • Early Menopause:

Early Menopause can interfere with infertility, so if you come across early menopause, you must opt for AMH Test. 

Those mentioned above are a few of the visible symptoms of Low AMH. Still, if you have some reproductive issues and your gynecologist recommends an AMH Test, then you shall immediately proceed with the same. 

Well, many of you who are diagnosed with Low AMH Levels might panic thinking:

So, Here is a further read that will lead you to all the relevant answers to your questions. 

Pregnancy and Live Birth Rate With Low AMH Levels:

There is no denying the fact that low AMH levels significantly affect the chances of conceiving naturally.

However, the facts reveal that there is no remarkable difference in the success rates of IVF pregnancy and Low AMH.

Some of the stats based on the recent studies reveal the relationship between IVF and Low AMH:

  • With the extremely Low AMH levels, the Live Birth Rate(LBR) is approximately 11.43%.
  • When the AMH is mildly low compared to the standard levels, then LBR further improves to 16.4 %.
  • Now, if the AMH level is moderate, that is, below 1pg/ml, the birth rate is 14.7%.
  • In accordance with all the above distracting AMH levels, the LBR with IVF and Normal AMH is approximately 30.4%.

Well, before reaching any conclusion, there is another major factor that impacts IVF Success Rate along with AMH levels; and that is women’s age.

Age has always been an important factor in female infertility. Irrespective of disturbance in AMH Levels, with age, the fertility rate and the IVF success rate decline.

Statistics of IVF Success Considering Age Factor and AMH Levels:

relation between low amh and fertility
  • Below 35 Years:
  • If the age of women is below 35 years, the IVF success rate with Normal AMH Levels is too high. It can vary between 50 to 70% based on the personalized male and female fertility conditions.
  • If the AMH levels are low for women below 35 years of age, then LBR can be between 40 to 60%.
  • Above 35 Years:
  • For women between 35 to 40 years, the IVF success rate with normal AMH Levels is between 33.2 to 31.7%
  • Now, if the AMH levels are low, the success rate of IVF Pregnancy can further degrade to 18.6 to 13.3%.

Important Conclusions Drawn From The Study:

  • Low AMH alone cannot lead to permanent infertility in women.
  • Lower AMH levels only reduce the quantity, not the quality, of the ovaries. So, there shall be no issues with the IVF Treatment.
  • If low AMH is paired with higher age, then both the quality and quantity of the eggs are lowered. So, only in such a condition IVF with Low AMH Levels have lower success rates.

Consultation Is The Key; To Getting The Right Solution:

If you feel any symptoms of Low AMH, you can consult the best IVF Doctor in Noida. To book an appointment, you can connect online with Crysta IVF or visit the Crysta IVF Clinic in Noida.

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Apart from low AMH levels, if you have any other infertility issues, you can consult the doctor and get the most appropriate, clinically reliable solution. 

Stay Tuned For More Information to Tackle Your Fertility Problems Without Stress and at Affordable Prices. 

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