IVF Myths and Facts: Breaking the Stereotype Around IVF

IVF Myths and Facts Breaking the Stereotype Around IVF

Are you gearing up for your fertility procedures or IVF treatment? Ever since the birth of the world’s first IVF baby, infertility treatments have come a long way to assist couples who cannot conceive naturally. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures have helped many intending couples to complete their family goals. But despite the startling numbers of IVF success stories, IVF in many parts of the world is still being misunderstood by people. If you have started your IVF treatment or if you are planning to go for your first IVF cycle, you must have heard certain misconceptions or myths that revolve around IVF treatment. Here, in this write-up, we have busted some common IVF myths and facts. 

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Myth 1: I can’t breastfeed if I’m Covid positive

Fact: Yes, you can. It has not been found that the infection passes through milk, But you need to take precautions.

Myth 2: IVF children are born weak

Fact: No, IVF babies are born as healthy as a normal baby

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Myth 3: IVF requires you to be admitted to the hospital

Fact: IVF takes only a few hours during the egg collection procedures for which a person is not required to be admitted

Myth 4: IVF women should be on bed rest for the whole pregnancy

Fact: The rest required for your body fully depends on your health condition.

No doctor will consult a complete bed rest. Some care is needed at the time of implanting the eggs in the uterus. IVF in most scenarios is the same as a normal pregnancy

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Myth 5: IVF is only because of Female Infertility

Fact: Many of us have the greatest myth that infertility is the only problem of females.

But it is not true!! Infertility is a condition in both males and females

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Myth 6: There are a lot of abnormalities in a baby born through IVF

There is no difference in the congenital abilities of the babies born through IVF and the babies born normally.

Myth 7: IVF pregnancies always lead to cesarean section delivery

Fact: An IVF pregnancy is similar to natural pregnancy the need for a C-section might arise because of certain complications. The complications can be similar to the natural conception.

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Myth 8: IVF always results in twins

Fact: While it is true that multiple pregnancies are always common in IVF treatment, it is also true that advanced ART techniques can be used for elective single embryo transfer.

Myth 9: IVF works for young couples only

Fact: IVF works well with older couples but less efficiently compared to younger couples.

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Myth 10: Weight has no impact on IVF results

Fact: Maintaining a healthy weight level is crucial for IVF as it helps balance the hormones in your body, sudden change in body weight may affect your fertility.

Myth 11: IVF guarantees success in the first cycle

Fact: There is no such guarantee for any couple. As every case is unique, the success rate also fluctuates and depends on the center you choose.

Myth 12: IVF clinics are all same.

Fact: No, Crysta IVF stands out with its advanced ART Labs and doctors who have decades of experience.

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Myth 13: Fertility drugs cause cancer

Fact: No research has shown that the fertility injections required for some IVF couples give cancer. There have been 

Myth 14: Babies born with serious defects in their horoscope compatibility

Fact: There is no difference between the babies born through IVF and the babies born normally.

Myth 15: IVF treatment is costly

Fact: No, the IVF treatment at Crysta IVF is affordable and transparent. With 24X7 patient support, you can always ask about anything that comes to your mind.

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Myth 16: IVF families are not happy families

Fact: Crysta IVF can help you achieve your dream of being a parent, just like the normal process of conceiving

Myth 17: After the 1st cycle of IVF, you can’t try again

Fact: You can for another round based on your health and your fertility specialist’s suggestion

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Myth 18: A IVF baby has donor gametes only

Fact: In the case of performing IVF using donor sperm, the intended father won’t share the genes with the baby, and similarly, in the case of an egg donor, the baby will have a lot in common with the father.

Myth 19: Unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t cause secondary infertility

Fact: Poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, etc., can affect your chances of future pregnancies.

These are some common IVF myths that needed to be busted to make your IVF journey smooth and effective. So, after going through these IVF myths, you must have got a clear idea of how beneficial IVF treatment can be.

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