How Infertility Affects Mental Health?


Coping infertility can be overwhelming and upsetting for couples who have been trying for years to start their families. Wanting to have a baby and seeing those around you cuddling and playing with their kids, can be crushing. How do you deal with your mental health with infertility?

How is mental health related to infertility?

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while, are diagnosed with a condition that could lead to infertility, or have been diagnosed with infertility you very well understand how challenging infertility can be in routine life, relationships, and at times, can be all-consuming. Infertility can drastically affect your mental health in more than one way.

Research studies have shown (Covington, 2015, References therein) that men and women have different ways and methods to deal with infertility-related problems. Women tend to seek more moral support from others (friends, family, colleagues), have sensitive behavior towards triggers (baby showers, birthdays), and data seeking (google, blogs, books). While men tend to distance themselves from the struggle of infertility all together (avoidance, not talking about it, humor) and use problem-solving methods (physical steps to try and fix the situation).

The process of combating infertility is indeed a longer one and these things don’t happen overnight. We are mature enough to understand this fact. Aren’t we? Thus, we should not lose our calm in our process of coping with infertility or dealing with the infertility-related stress. Even if you plan to go for infertility treatments like Intrauterine Inseminations or In Vitro Fertilization, mental peace is required because many times outcomes of infertility treatments aren’t that fruitful the way we expect them to be.

Here we have compiled some worth-mentioning ways and techniques that can help you deal with mental stress and anxiety related to infertility and treatments or procedures associated with it.

Stay away from Triggers

Do you have a habit of getting triggered easily? Especially after getting diagnosed with infertility? Do social gatherings or family get together haunt you? For couples or women experiencing infertility, the answer is undoubtedly a YES! We have a fear of people questioning us about our plans or dreams of starting a family. Maybe because we are unaware of the answer when we will be able to achieve our parenthood goals. It is not always possible to ignore each and every gathering or social meeting with friends or families as they might trigger your feelings of stress, emotional pain, anxiety and grief. But, you can try and avoid attending the parties or events that are triggering like baby shower events or children’s birthday celebrations.

Be positive!

This is not the end of the world. Be patient! You will get it through not by being sad but by being optimistic and enjoying the little things. It’s imperative not to stay in the past and inhabit the past cycles that did not work, and also not to get too far ahead of yourself about future IVF treatments. You should stay in the moment, enjoy the very moment you are in and the magic shall happen soon! You should stay in the NOW and take smaller steps like month by month, or even needed smaller than that.

Work on stress

Couples with improved resilience to hardships usually have better ways to deal with resistance, change, and challenges that come their way. One way to do this is to have stress management. Stress management can be so many things that listing them all here are different for each person. What is vital is to make sure whatever you are doing to manage stress is healthy (drinking, self-medicating, etc are also ways to cope, but not ones that will be helpful in the long run).

Meditation for Mindfulness

It is the aptitude to be fully present to the activity at hand. Naturally, we tend to let our mind roam around and thoughts usually take over, this can be especially true when we are stressful, depressed, or extremely anxious. One way to come out of this is to learn well how to manage stress by focusing on meditation and other such stress relieving activities.

How can Crysta IVF help?

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These are some of the prominent ways to deal with infertility related mental stress and confusions. At the end of the day, you must remember that infertility can be treated and with the help of IVF doctors in Pune and fertility experts you can complete your parenthood goals.