What Should Be the Gap Between 2 Consequent IVF Cycles?

gap between 2 consequent IVF cycles

Devastated because of IVF failure? Certainly, anyone would be. A failed IVF can lead to causing countless emotions deep inside you. You feel devastated not only for you but for your partner as well. First, the trauma of infertility and then to top it up the devastation of IVF failure. You may feel completely lost and feel that there is no way out anymore. But, those cute laughs, cuddles, and the experience of parenthood are something that keeps you going.

If you have decided to move on with the cycle further, then it is essential for you to comprehend what is next for both of you. But before that always keep in mind that when you plan to move further, don’t let any second thoughts hit your mind or get influenced by media coverage, newspapers, shows, or anything. It makes IVF treatment look like a troll. There are many instances of people like celebrities who have completed the treatment successfully.

So, all you need to do is first understand the reasons behind the IVF failure as it can help you not repeat the same mistakes again. After understanding the reasons, you would be able to know the solutions to come up with if you have experienced the consequent two IVF cycles failure. Most importantly, you must know the gap you need to maintain before moving.

First, let’s understand the reasons for two consequent IVF failures.

Reasons why IVF fails

To achieve success in fertility treatment, one must know that it is a fragile science. It is important that the eggs and sperm are viable and fertilization is done successfully. The fertilization should be transformed into a healthy embryo. That embryo should have the efficiency of implanting accordingly in the uterus. After the implantation, the embryo should be able to develop continually. Several facets are there for IVF success, and various reasons are there for failure.

Some of the main probabilities are here for IVF failure:

No viability in eggs: 

There is the use of fertility medications for creating ovaries overstimulation. It leads to causing the release of various eggs, or oocytes. After the retrieval of eggs, they are mixed with the sperm so that the process of fertilization is initiated. In certain cases, at a certain age, the egg of females is not appropriate for fertilizing successfully. For women over the age of 30, their eggs start to diminish in quantity including quality as well.

Unsuccessful fertilization: 

There are several cases in which the reason for IVF failure is that the fertilization didn’t happen successfully. It can be due to reasons like sperm, egg quality, etc.

Implantation of the embryo: 

Two main reasons are there due to which embryo implantation fails. Firstly, it is due to the uterine atmosphere which is not right for supporting the embryo. Secondly, it couldn’t implant probably due to the reason for the anomaly in the embryo. It is crucial for the embryo that it undergoes preimplantation genetic testing. It helps in identifying the embryo’s health and also benefits in enhancing the probability of successful implantation. Also, if you are overweight or underweight, then there is a probability of IVF failure.

Inappropriate follicles: 

If the woman is over 35 years of age, the quality of the healthy follicle is not sufficient to form the number of the appropriate eggs. In certain cases, this problem can be resolved by managing the age-adequate dose of ovarian stimulation medication.


If you are willing to accomplish IVF success, then one of the main factors undoubtedly is a lifestyle. It means that you have to ensure leading a life that is healthy and maintain a good fertility diet as well. Make sure to restrict smoking in any way as it leads to affecting the success of IVF. In case, if you manage to achieve pregnancy even after getting indulged in smoking and alcohol habits, then it can lead to causing the issue of miscarriage which surely you don’t want. Hence, make sure to stay away from such habits.

What’s next?

First, always remember that it is completely fine to grieve after an IVF failure. The emotional influence is as disturbing as the pregnancy loss, even when the IVF couldn’t make it to an embryo. So, it is always recommended to speak to your doctor as they can guide you better and make sure to seek the support of whatever you feel is better for you.

And, if you plan to move on to the next step, then first ensure to consider these options:

Another try for IVF: 

Make sure to speak with your doctor and identify what adjustments you can make for a successful IVF. It is not rare for successful IVF to need more than one attempt. Your doctor will recommend you get the preimplantation genetic testing to understand the reason for your earlier failed IVF.

Third-party donor: 

For women who are experiencing inappropriate or problems with viability in eggs, donor eggs are the right answer for them. Donors’ screening is initiated appropriately and they are below 30, so the probability is their eggs are healthy. A sperm donor is also the option if the problem is persisting from a male’s side and the female is unable to conceive.

What is the right time to attempt the next time after a failed cycle?

If this question is baffling your mind after experiencing the two consequent IVF cycles, then there are certain things you must know.

Firstly, it is important to understand the IVF fail cause and begin to make things right before moving on to another try. There is no considerable difference in the success rate of repeating the cycles that have been done consecutively and after a gap of months. According to the studies, there is no significant link between the failed and consequent IVF cycles when the success is concerned.

It entirely depends on the couple or the person how much they want to wait but it is recommended to wait at least a month before trying for another IVF cycle. It also helps in healing physically and emotionally from the experience. In the period in-between, it is suggested to follow the routine that can benefit in ensuring the IVF success such as a healthy lifestyle.

Final words

When a failed IVF hits you, it can be painful and you feel as if everything has ended for you. But, you should never lose hope. Understanding the reasons for failed IVF, it is always better to move on to the next one when you feel emotionally and physically ready. It can take a huge toll on your mind so it is better to recover from the trauma first. Always consult your infertility specialist and talk it out with him/her. Follow the instructions that have been advised to you cautiously so that you can avert the chances of IVF failure.

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