Best Tips To Prepare For IVF And Frozen Embryo Transfer

Best Tips To Prepare For IVF And Frozen Embryo Transfer

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Some of the IVF Specialists who provide the best IVF treatment associate with Crysta IVF, They are also reputed to have steady hands during frozen embryo transfer.

A frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a part of IVF treatment which is performed in the best IVF centre in Delhi at Crysta IVF.  FET is the process of using the frozen embryo from the previous performed IVF cycle. Its demand graph is on the rise owing to its success rate and safety. In an IVF procedure embryos transfer back to the uterus, but in the case of frozen embryo transfer, they are kept to freeze for future cycles. This fertility treatment options woman to either have her, or the donor’s egg kept for freezing for the next cycle.

The frozen embryo transfer is initiated during the FET IVF cycle when natural ovulation begins, if not then it may be induced via hCG inject. Ovulation is important because it secretes progesterone which supports the luteal phase.

In-vitro fertilization Frozen Embryo Transfers offers more assurance of live birth and is quite popular in the fraternity of fertility specialists, & IVF doctors. The aspirants availing frozen embryo transfer fertility option are generally those couples whose luck ran short in achieving conception naturally.

If FET is your treatment option, then it is the uterus you need to focus on to maximize your chances of live birth after IVF-FET.

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Best ways to prepare for an IVF cycle

Before the IVF cycle, you and your spouse will undergo detailed medical and fertility tests.

  • Testing the Ovarian reserve
  • Semen Analysis
  • Scanning for Infections & disease
  • Examination of Uterine cavity exam
  • Other tests as recommended by your IVF Specialist

If you are actively looking for your conception treatment and would like to go ahead with the In-Vitro Fertilization, you need to work on it.

If IVF is your goal, then go through Crysta IVF’s Tip on preparing for IVF in a bit more detail.

Oral Contraceptive Medicines – OC 

  1. Your IVF Doctor on consultation may prescribe you OC pills. The purpose of the OCP intake reduces the chances of ovarian cyst formation.
  2. Expect a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to check for cysts in the ovaries.
  3. May happen that you are advised for medication to prevent premature egg release. This medicine would be an additional intake while you are still on with the oral contraceptives.

Uterus Scan

You may also be asked to undergo uterus assessment if you hadn’t done it within a year’s period.

You may need to have an Uterus screening via-

  1. Hysteroscopy
  2. Sonography (saline-infusion)

At this stage also you will be on oral pills.

Backup semen sample

Men need to ensure that they have frozen semen as backup, if not consider communicating it to your IVF Doctor.

Fertility is all about enhancing fertility, conception and maintaining good health after successful ART.

Life style revival 

The IVF centres which provide the best IVF treatment emphasize more on following a healthy diet for better chance of conception, but lot depends upon the type of lifestyle you follow. To have a healthy pregnancy, or to better your chances of conception in IVF, consider to follow the below tips religiously.

  • Start folic acid intake daily as a nutritional or vitamin
  • Quit smoking if you are in the habit
  • Quit alcohol consumption asap
  • Reduce/quit caffeine intake
  • Perspire to reduce weight via exercise
  • Relax more to lower stress
  • If having chronic conditions like high bp, UTI, high sugar levels, epilepsy, arthritis, consider controlling the highs seeking physicians advice.
  • Adopt and habituate having nutritional dietary, avoid oily and junk foods
  • Consider having frequent tit-bits of quality foods at every short interval
  • Have Vaccination & Immunization on Doctor’s advice
  • Immediately stop all the over-the-counter herbal supplements as they may affect your conception chances.
  • Keep away from hazardous workplaces including chemical products.

Dietary Tips that for IVF

  • Vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains intake
  • Lean protein-rich edibles – fish (esp fish roe & caviar), poultry
  • Leguminous intake items  – lentils, beans, chickpeas
  • Healthy fats – almonds, avocado, walnuts
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Consider avoiding – fermented drinks, red meat, sugar, and processed foods

Even the best service providers of IVF treatment in Delhi suggest the above points in their IVF preparatory guide to enhance conception.

Whether your need is for frozen embryo transfer, or IVF do contact the IVF leaders only, the best IVF centre in Delhi is Crysta IVF.