The Best Tips To Follow For Quick & Convenient Conception

tips to follow for quick & convenient conception

One in every ten healthy-appearing couples suffers infertility issues. A Perfect Overall Health In Males & Females Is Never a Sign of Fertility.


Not everyone is lucky enough to conceive on desire. Some couples keep trying to see those two pink lines of positivity; but fail for weeks, months, and even years. 

The reason for failed pregnancy is not always infertility. It can sometimes be the wrong lifestyle or, say, the timing.

So, before you experience the stress and anxiety of failed conception, it’s better to follow a few Tips to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy.

What Are Conceiving Tips?

Conceiving Tips refers to adapting to the changes in daily living and following the best practices that can result in pregnancy.

Whether you are planning for Natural Pregnancy or trying to conceive through Assisted Reproductive Technology, following the conception tips is helpful. 

The first & foremost thing one should follow before pregnancy trials are to consult the Best Gynecologist in Delhi for a preconception checkup.

A preconception diagnosis will help you:

  • In knowing the fertility of both partners
  • Understand prenatal vitamin status
  • Escape the stress of negative pregnancy reports

Conception Tips That Can End Your Pregnancy Struggle:

Conception is easy if you get positive results in your first test itself, but if you continuously struggle with results, you should take precautions. 

Based on the personalized conditions, there might be different Tips to Conceive FasterThe tips might be a combination of

  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Medical Counseling
  • Dietary Changes

Maximize The Conceiving Chances By Altering Your Lifestyle

While you are on the way to your family planning, it’s of utmost importance to prepare your body for conception. Here are a few valuable recommendations on How to Get Pregnant Fast.

Balanced Water Intake: When you desire to get pregnant naturally or through IVF, it’s essential to drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. High water intake helps flush out the complete waste from kidneys and creates more room for fertile quality cervical fluids.

Reduced Caffeine Consumption: Caffeine restricts the growth and development of a baby as it limits blood flow to the uterus by blocking blood vessels. In all the norms, it’s better to avoid caffeine entirely and switch to some healthy refreshments like fresh fruit juice, veg soups, shakes, or anything that suits your taste buds.

If you are habitual to caffeine consumption and cannot avoid it, restrict it to 300mg/day. 300 mg of caffeine refers to 6 cups of tea, 3 cups of fresh coffee, or 4 cups of instant coffee.

Avoid Alcohol: No Fertility Clinics can help you until you avoid alcohol strictly as it reduces fertility for both men and women. If you are pregnant or trying for conception, it’s better to give up on alcohol to avoid any future risks.

Supplements: If your body suffers from any nutritional deficiency, it’s better to take supplements before natural conceiving trials or IVF Treatment. Usually, the doctors recommend folic acid, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. All these supplements are necessary to accomplish the nutritional requirements of a woman’s body for pregnancy.

Sexual Intercourse & Lay Low: The best way to conceive faster is to increase sexual frequency. You shall not force it daily, but try as and when possible. However, it should be willful and not stressful. 

Also, do not jump off immediately post intercourse. Lying down for a while post-sex enhances the dating chances of sperm with ovaries. 

Know Your Ovulation Cycle: Ovulation is an ideal time for pregnancy; it’s the time to focus on sex. If you observe closely, you can feel the signs and symptoms of ovulation. It includes:

  • One-sided pain
  • Thin & slippery cervical mucus

If you fail to conceive after ongoing trials of one year when you are ovulating, it’s time to catch the best gynecologist. They might recommend In Vitro Fertilization or any other infertility treatment. 

Say No to Smoking: Be it, men or women, both suffer infertility issues due to smoking. For men, smoking increases sperm abnormalities; and for women, it reduces fertility by 40%. 

So before dragging a puff contributing to pollution, think of the loss smoking causes cause to your reproduction. 

Exercise: Crysta IVF’s Fertility Specialists recommend exercising while you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant. It is essential for healthy weight management, as both overweight and malnutrition can cause infertility.

Also, no exercise and no rest can lead to back pain, piles, swollen ankles, or minimize the chances of vaginal delivery post conception.

All the lifestyle changes stated above are effective Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy and also, essential for staying healthy before, during, and after pregnancy.

Medical Tips to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

If you have any medical history or are taking or taking any medications, it’s good to consult the doctor before conception. Not checking with the doctor and continuing with your medical treatment might:

  • Lead to miscarriage
  • Side-effects to baby

Undertake Diagnosis: If you have been on drugs and medication for a long, it’s necessary to consult your gynecologist. After any prolonged disease, your body may or may not be fit for conceiving.

Contraceptive Pills or Protection For Long: If you have been using pills for a long, you might:

  • Suffer vitamin deficiencies; especially Vitamin B family
  • Have disturbed menstrual cycle

An appointment with a fertility specialist is the best solution for how to get pregnant fast and easy.

Calendar Track: Maintain your periodic calendar while you are trying to conceive. Keep track of when your periods begin, how long they last, and their regularity. It is one of the most helpful pieces of information for doctors to give any medical advice.

Remember The Number Game: Pregnancy is a number game. No matter you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF treatment, the chances of a positive pregnancy result are only 25 to 30%

None of us expect to suffer from infertility issues. However, meeting with the doctor before planning your pregnancy will be helpful. It keeps you away from false expectations and closer to reality.

Follow The Best Diet That Enhances Conception Chances

For pregnancy, the couple shall focus on their diet to store enough vitamins and minerals to keep the body in good health. Here are a few dietary tips that help conceive.

Leafy Green Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and others are a great source of iron. 

Fortified Cereals & Pulses: Breakfast cereals, pulses, lentils, and soybeans help produce enough folic acid necessary for children’s neural development. If you could also add a handful of dry fruits to your diet, it can help.

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Style Diet is beneficial for women planning pregnancy. It should be rich in olives, avocados, and other vegan products. 

Include Monosaturated Fats: The highest and the healthiest source of monosaturated fats are cashews, almonds, and peanuts; you can rely on them for munching while trying to conceive. However, it’s necessary to control the quantity of consumption to avoid weight gain.

Foods That Are High Sources of Zinc: Your body can gain zinc from whole grain bread, asparagus, spinach, watercress, fish, and other products, depending on your taste and dietary habits. Zinc is necessary for both men and women to produce high-quality eggs and sperm sperms.

Fiber-Rich Food: Oats, rice, beans, and whole grains are rich in fiber and help to keep your bowels healthy. Your digestive system must be healthy and free from waste when you plan pregnancy naturally or through IVF Treatment

Apart from the diet suggestions detailed above, it would help if you could get a personalized diet plan from your gynecologist. They can suggest a better diet based on your body requirements. 

Concluding Lines

All those mentioned above are a few of the helpful Conception TipsHowever, if you cannot conceive even after maintaining an ideal lifestyle, it’s recommended to get in touch with the best gynecologist around you.

It is because conception depends on age and several other factors of a couple’s fertility. Fertility specialists suggest trying for natural pregnancy until a year. In case of failure, you might require the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies like In Vitro Fertilization.

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