Steps to Ensure Successful IVF Pregnancy

steps to ensure successful ivf

Infertility these days has become one of the alarming situations among couples because it leads to inefficiency for conception. According to the studies, it was found out that around 1 out of six couples in India nowadays are suffering from the infertility problem. This problem is also affecting the physical, emotional, and social health of the couples and the outcomes are more bitter in women. In-vitro fertility is an assisted reproductive technology that has proved to be the gift of god for childless couples. The solution is being used extensively worldwide as it is not only efficient and safe but also reliable.

With the constant advancement in technology, the success rate for IVF treatment has been enhanced by around 50% and shows constant growth or development when it comes to a healthy pregnancy. During the process, the doctor initiates with the first step which is mature eggs are gathered from the mother’s ovaries and are then fertilized to be transferred in the uterus of a female. There are times when the steps are divided into varied parts and it results in stretching the time for the process completion. The initial weeks of pregnancy are believed to be highly complex for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Hence, it becomes very important for couples to ensure getting in touch with the best Fertility Experts. If you are also on the journey of IVF pregnancy, then there are certain tips that you should follow for a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Successful pregnancy tips

Here are the tips to achieve successful pregnancy:

Medications on time

One of the most important steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy is taking the medications on time. Medicines given by your doctor are to raise the chances of pregnancy but if you will not take it seriously, then you wouldn’t be able to obtain the desired results. Also, you should always consult the best IVF hospital in Mumbai such as Crysta IVF as you will feel trustworthy and there will be no issues of transparency or hidden costs.

Stay active

You need to stay active after the transfer of the embryo. You can keep yourself indulged in any sort of physical activity such as exercises, dancing, etc. for around 45-60 minutes each day. It will help you keep your body active and your body will also be maintained.

Lifestyle changes

You need to understand that IVF is a complex process and your lifestyle can affect the chances of pregnancy massively. If you are into regular smoking, drinking alcohol, then it can lead to a decrease the pregnancy success chances and will also affect your body adversely. Also, if you are a regular junk eater, then it is something you need to avoid as soon as possible. Researchers have found out that daily exercise and a good diet can help in enhancing the success rate for IVF.

Secure yourself from infections

You need to understand the significance of avoiding contracting infections during IVF treatment. It is advised to reduce contact with people who are experiencing fungal, viral, or bacterial infections. If you contact any of these then it will lead to causing problems in your IVF treatment. You should even be avoiding eating out to diminish the probability of growing stomach infections.

Managing stress and staying positive

IVF is a mind-boggling process for couples as there are a lot of emotions attached to it such as mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, the complete process can take a toll on your mind, and hence it is essential to ensure managing the levels of stress. Most importantly, you have to ensure that you are not thinking negatively as it is the primary reason for causing problems during the treatment. You should indulge yourself in meditation, calming music, and some light exercises as it benefits in managing stress and assists couples to experience joy in the IVF journey.

Final words

IVF can be very stressful for you and your family hence various things are there that can help you enhance the success odds like adequate sleep, reducing stress, taking supplements, and being cautious of the chemicals that can be there in common household products. You should begin your treatment with the best and finest IVF Centre in Mumbai such as Crysta IVF. We are committed to your success and are driven by passion and science. We are here to assist couples who have been trying to get pregnant for years but are facing infertility problems. Our sole purpose is to transform your dream of the baby into reality so just reach us now and schedule your appointment for further consultation and treatment initiation.