Know The Children With Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Facts reveal that 1 in 1000 to 1 in 1100 live births reflect Down Syndrome

As per a survey, approximately 3000 to 5000 childern are born with Down Syndrome each year world wide.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a condition when a person is born with an extra chromosome (partial or complete) over 21.

The reason for down syndrome is yet unknown. However, it is an integral part of the human condition, and it exists across the globe. 

People born with down syndrome differ in multiple things; it can be learning styles, characteristics, physical/ mental health, and other things.

Overview & Behaviors of Down Syndrome Condition:

The behavior of people with down syndrome may significantly differ from the people born with normal chromosome structure. Nurturing their talents in the right direction, and with patience can make their skills grow. 

To understand them, we need to understand a few of their differential behaviors. 

Here is the list of a few standard traits that you can find in Children and Adults With Down-Syndrome.

Signs and Behaviours of People Born With Down Syndrome:

For people born with down syndrome, not only family support, but also societal inclusions matter.

If you find the below-mentioned differential behavior in people around you; support and don’t hate.

1. Self-Talk: People with down-syndrome often have a habit of self-talk (Talking to oneself). If you have a concern about self-talking in your child, understand its normal.

Self-Talking in Children & Adults with Down-Syndrome has a purpose.

Here are a few Benefits of Self-Talking For Children With Down Syndrome:

  • It is essential to enhance cognitive skills and help them coordinate their actions with their thoughts.
  • At times, you might find them narrating self-stories (movies or events in the past). It’s a good source of entertainment for them.
  • Even if a child plans their next moment, they talk to themselves. So, if you hear them talking out loud; don’t interrupt.
  • Self-talking helps People With Down Syndrome vent out their emotions and is good for mental well-being.

Each one of us is involved in self-talk. It’s just some process without any voice and those with down syndrome express it out loud.

So, self-talking is absolutely normal!

However, you can train Children With Down Syndrome to initiate self-talk privately not publically. If they start anytime, then you can take assistance from experts for their training.

2. Inborn Talent: Every Down Syndrome child has bliss in the form of an in-born talent. You can find them with creative art, paintings, good music sense, an extraordinary sense of reading people’s minds, or anything else that might surprise you. If you recognize such people individually or in groups, it encourages them. It will be helpful if you can help such people to polish their talent with some classes or appropriate teachers.

3. Communication Patterns: The communication patterns of people with Down Syndrome differ significantly. Some people with down syndrome can express themselves with ease while others find it difficult to communicate.However, they can talk non-verbally. Being patient with people with down syndrome can make them feel included.It can be a little slower, as they think, self-talk, and then communicate. They can talk through:

  • Hand Gestures
  • Sign-language
  • Facial expressions

It can be a little inconvenient for the family initially, but slowly and gradually it gets comfortable.

4. Visual Memory: The visual memory of Children and Adults with Down Syndrome has an excellent visual memory.Instead, it’s better to say; they have a photogenic memory.

  • People with down syndrome can make a list of all the places, things, and any other belongings with ease.
  • Also, it would not be wrong to expect people to remember the directions from where they cross by once.
  • They can recognize their personal belongings with ease and organize them perfectly.

An additional chromosome can bless people with Down Syndrome with multiple talents.

Let’s Take a Step Further and Encourage Them.

Final Words:

Every year World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21st March. The reason for the same is to reserve the Rights of People Born With Disabilities.

The world can make a better living if every individual receives the equivalent treatment. 

It can happen only when we ourselves start to treat everyone equally and spread the word.

Be it World Down Syndrome Day or a usual day, consistent behavior with all will be highly appreciated.

Stay Tuned. Crysta IVF will be up with more updates on healthcare, precautions, and fertility treatment; Till Then, Stay Safe.