Can Keto Diet Lead You To Positive Pregnancy Results?

Keto Diet

Keto The Magical Diet For Weight Loss and Boosting Fertility

Keto is one of the best weight loss therapies that give results earlier than expected. It’s been miraculous for women struggling with natural pregnancy or pregnancy through IVF Treatment due to higher BMI levels.

Although the Ketogenic Diet got viral and became famous through social media, the process is undoubtedly result-oriented. 

Looking at the experiences of thousands of people losing weight through keto, women seek interest in knowing if the magical diet can help them fight infertility too? 

Well, The Answer is Yes.

Let us understand the potential of a keto diet in helping you reduce your weight and ultimately improve your chances of pregnancy.


Before that, knowing how being overweight affects your fertility is essential.

Impact of Higher BMI or Obesity on Body

Being on a higher scale of body weight primary hinders ovulation and hormonal stimulation. These may further lead to other problems in the body like PCOS, poor egg quality, irregular periods, and all other things deteriorating the chances of pregnancy.

However, the facts reveal that reducing 5 to 10% of your body weight increases the possibility of pregnancy.

Here, Keto Diet is helpful and can reduce the necessary weight. 

Benefits of Keto When You Are Trying For Pregnancy

The Ketogenic Diet is a customized nutritious diet that helps deliver the necessary nutrients to the body and shed those extra pounds.

Keto Diet is a rich source of fat, moderately includes proteins, low source of carbohydrates, and induces ketosis in the body, enhancing metabolic conditions. 

Following the Ketogenic Diet, the body is forced to reduce fat as carbohydrate consumption is significantly controlled drastically. 

Multiple preliminary studies on different people following the Keto Diet reveal that it benefits in the below-mentioned ways.

Managing Ideal BMI:

For pregnancy, having a normal BMI is necessary. If the body mass index is less than 18.5 or higher than 30, it leads to hormonal imbalance. These hormonal imbalances further affect ovulation rates, which in turn cause a delay in pregnancy.

On the other hand, Keto Diet helps you maintain the required BMI and improve the fertility rate.

Controlling Body Inflammation Systematically: 

Inflammation leads to insulin resistance in the body and is one of the significant causes of PCOS/PCOD, endometriosis, implantation failure, and in severe cases, frequent miscarriages. 

With the proper nutrition and diet management, it’s possible to reduce inflammation and, ultimately, pregnancy risks.

Lowers The Insulin Levels:

Higher insulin levels in the body adversely affect the fertility rate. While planning your pregnancy, if the diagnosis reflects higher insulin levels in the body, you can count on Keto Diet to help you manage insulin levels.

The lower insulin levels and resistance help women to ovulate regularly, which helps with pregnancy. 

Regulates Reproductive Hormones:

Keto Diet helps regulate reproductive hormones like FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The better the regulation of reproductive hormones, the better the probability of conceiving.

In short, following the Keto Diet along with all the remedies and infertility treatment can help improve the fertility rate.

Potential Benefits of Keto Diet on Sperm Quality

The impact of being overweight is not only on women, but it impacts men too. One of the reasons for the poor sperm quality is an irregular diet and lack of necessary nutrition in the body. 

semen storage container
  • Sperm health is directly proportional to nutrition consumption. Including more sugar and carbs in your diet can impact sperm motility, shape, and even morphology.
  • Lack of proper diet has an adverse impact on sperm count and concentration.
  • Following an ideal Keto Diet, including nuts, omega-rich foods, vitamins, seeds, and others, improve sperm health and, ultimately, the fertility rate in men.

If you face problems in pregnancy due to male infertility issues, you can consult the fertility specialists in India and also take an opinion on Keto Diet Plan.

Ketogenic Diet Improves Fertility Rate in Women With PCOS

PCOS is one of the leading reasons that can lead to infertility in women. However, managing weight can help you eliminate infertility issues in women.

PCOS pain
  • A Ketogenic Diet, along with helping in weight loss, significantly contributes to hormonal balance in the body, aiding in getting rid of infertility due to PCOS.
  • It is also helpful to assist women with failed pregnancies naturally or after IVF Treatment.

Staying on a strict keto diet can be challenging for women in the comfort zone of consuming saturated fats. These saturated fats can raise cholesterol levels, reducing women’s fertility.

So, if you cannot follow your keto schedule to 100% in the first week, do not panic. Slowly and gradually, you will build the taste and adjust your taste buds accordingly.

Keto Diet Prepare Women to Restrict Carb Consumption Even During Pregnancy

Women tend to bend toward carbohydrates consumption to feel better during pregnancy and stay away from morning sickness. However, it might not be good for the body in the long run, and if you are already restricted by following the Keto Diet, you will not have any cravings while pregnant.

The Ketogenic Diet helps to keep the body balanced. So, consulting an expert nutritionist and reproductive endocrinologist together improves your fertility. 

Plan Your Pregnancy With Keto

Like IVF Treatment is one of the best ART procedures to solve infertility issues, Keto is an unmatched diet that helps boost male and female fertility.

When you are planning for pregnancy and already on pre-pregnancy management, then include Keto Diet as a part of it to enhance your chances of conceiving. Keto Diet, in short, is helpful for your overall health.

Have you not yet considered the Keto Way of improving your fertility? Connect with the experts and know the best plan for yourself.

Stay Tuned to Know More About Different Facts That Improve Your Fertility