Gynecologist: When to Visit and What to Expect?

Gynecologist When to Visit and What to Expec

Women often feel shy about sharing their reproductive health problems, even with those who are close to them. which may be bothering her most of the time. In such situations, she might be surrounded by undisclosed fears, misconceptions, and anxiety too. 

But she often forgets that there is always one person that can help her a million times in some weird states of life: a gynecologist. She has all the education and expertise to deal with the uncomfortable issues of being a woman. A gynecologist is a doctor who examines and treats female reproductive-related health disorders. She is the person who offers the right professional help in such a field to a woman or a young girl.

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When to visit a gynecologist?

To care for reproductive health, one must visit a gynecologist at least once a year starting from the age of a teenager until they reach old age to address menstrual, pregnancy or fertility, or postmenopausal issues. All the stages of womanhood need the continuous support of a gynecologist. Some of the main concerns are given below:

During adolescence or at a young age, teenage girls need to visit a doctor regarding the below problems:

  • for menstrual health and for a routine preventive reproductive health checkup.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to get treatment for sexual development disorders if there are any.
  • They have special needs and problems to discuss and often need general help and some sort of discussion.
  • Other concerns to address, like delayed puberty or menarche, painful menstrual cycles, excess acne, body image, mood swings, low back pain, headache, sexual orientation, gender identity, same sex issues, etc.

During childbearing age:

At this time, a regular visit is necessary for the screening to address the following problems:

  • Pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding.
  • To discuss fertility or menstruation issues,
  • For miscarriage, pregnancy termination due to serious health concerns, family planning, or contraception.
  • for the screening of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Benign tumor in productive organs, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, and urinary incontinency
  • Screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other cancers
  • a history of congenital abnormalities and sexual dysfunction in the family
  • Endometriosis, some abscesses, and pelvic diseases
  • Pre and postpartum care

Such a long list of reproductive health issues really needs a gynecologist’s help throughout the whole childbearing age. All such problems need continuous general or preventive care and treatments to stay healthy during this time period.

What to expect while visiting a gynecologist?

  • General checkup: in this part, a gynecologist will measure your blood pressure, blood glucose level, and weight, including common blood tests and urine analysis.
  • Medical and family history: a gynecologist will take note of all previous illnesses and blood tests, as well as your lifestyle and personal habits.
  • Physical examination: The doctor will physically examine all of the reproductive organs (pelvic exam) to look for any unseen health concerns or tumor-like growth. And she will also look for the presence of any lumps to clear the doubt of cancerous growth or breast cancer.
  • A Pap smear test: this test is commonly used to detect cervical cancer, and it involves removing a tissue sample from the cervix region. and analyzing it for any cancerous growth if there is any doubt or if some abnormal symptoms appear in a woman.
  • She can also perform bone density tests and mammograms if required. She may also talk about vitamin D, calcium, folic acid, and iron supplements to improve your health.

After completing all the crucial health checkups, you may ask for the report and also ask how to manage if a certain issue arises afterward. If a gynecologist discovers an abnormal clinical condition, she will also counsel and guide you through the next steps in treatment and testing.

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