Trying to Conceive? 11 Ways to Effectively Support Your Partner

effective ways to contribute when your partner is trying to conceive


Through generations, we have been believing, or say, blaming women for infertility issues when trying to conceive. However, it’s just another myth.

Infertility is never an all-women issue, and the male partner has to contribute and make changes equally in their lifestyle. 

The researches and studies reveal;

‘Over 50% of Pregnancy Issues Are Associated With Male Factor or Male Infertility.’ 

Although it can be a surprising fact for many, yet it remains a truth. 


Family planning or whenever you are trying to conceive requires significant physical, mental, and financial preparation. Also, if you fail conception after successive trials, then medical preliminaries too.

Remember, no matter what you do, both the partners shall equally contribute.

Never allow the thoughts to take over your mind that the issue would be in your companion only. It might affect the relationship and lead to stress, worsening the infertility issues. 

The only solution is to accept the existing issue and then decide on further considerations together.

Couples who take a step forward to fight infertility instead of fighting amongst themselves beat infertility smoothly.

While most of the blogs talk about females preparing themselves whenever trying to conceive, we will talk about essential steps for men.

A Do’s And Dont’s Guide For Men While Planning Pregnancy

One of the best decisions an infertile couple can make is to visit the Best IVF Centre in Delhi and get proper counseling. Apart from that, the top 11 things a man can follow to improve the chances of conception with his female partner are detailed below.

1. Seek Male Fertility Test: 

To avoid any complications in family planning, it’s a good habit that both partners should opt for Fertility Test. Especially if you are above the reproductive age, say in your mid 30’s, it’s better to take the test even before trying to conceive.

In fact, both partners should seek tests well in advance to avoid complications later. If doctors find any issue, they suggest Infertility Treatment for male and female partners or any one of them found with infertility issues

2. Maintain a Continuity in Sex: 

While your partner focuses on her ovulation calendar, you can maintain a good sex routine at least twice or thrice a week. Some days in the ovulation cycle are the best for conception; that does not mean on other days, pregnancy is impossible.

So, it will be better if you do your part and both the partners remain sexually active while trying for conception.

3. Say No to Smoking: 

There is a strict no to smoking for the couple planning pregnancy. Regular or Chain-smoking often leads to Infertility in Men as it impacts sperm count, motility, and also the shape of sperm. In the worst case, it deforms the DNA of the sperm.

So, even if it does not leads to infertility, deformed DNA might lead to risks and complications in the baby. If you want zero complications in your fertility, conception, or baby, keep your DNA and sperm in the best condition. 

4. Do Not Consume Recreational Drugs

Recreational drugs like anabolic steroids, opiates, cannabis, marijuana, and more affect sperm quality. It reduces both testosterone levels and libido.

Recreational drugs have several other consequences like lowering sperm quality, sperm count, and also sperm movement. It’s better to live without recreational drugs than with Infertile Sperm.

5. Add Antioxidants to Diet

Antioxidants are an excellent addition to the diet to fight cardiac disorders, cancer, and male infertility. You can add avocados, berries, pecans, bael fruit, dark chocolate, exotic vegetables, and other antioxidant-rich food to your daily consumption when trying to conceive.

If you don’t want to opt for food habits, you can consume supplements in essential quantities after consulting with doctors. It keeps your DNA and sperm quality intact. 

A research result reveals if men consume additional antioxidants, infertility rates are low, and conception chances are high.

6. Eat More Greens, Less Junk

Junk can be good for taste but worse for testes.

If you are trying to conceive, you must focus more on a healthy diet (both partners should consider the same). Balancing the diet keeps the reproduction rate high and infertility rates lower.

While there might be no clear evidence of the balanced diet intake on male fertility, many studies reveal the harmful effects of relying on junk and packaged foods.

When you support your partner to conceive quicker, it’s better to consume proteins, vitamins, fiber, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Good eating habits often keep you away from Infertility Tests and close to positive pregnancy results. 

7. Minimal Alcohol Intake

Higher alcohol consumption can affect DNA, time for conceiving, and sperm quality. If the females consume alcohol while trying to conceive or during pregnancy, the chances of miscarriage are higher.

So, it’s better to limit alcohol consumption or abandon it completely until you complete your family.

8. Excercise, Not Overexercise

One of the essential factors in avoiding infertility is to keep a balance in life. Although exercising is a good habit, overexercising can reduce your fertility.

Rigorous physical activities divert the sperm from testicles reducing fertility. So, opt for exercises that support you in being healthy, not leading your way to infertility.

9. Keep The Testicles Cool

Healthy sperms develop when testicles are 3 to 4 degrees lower than average body temperature. Researches and clinical studies reveal that higher temperatures can damage sperm. 

So, if you wish for a fast pregnancy with your partner, it’s recommended to avoid the hot tub, steam baths, jacuzzi, or sauna. 

Apart from that, some other considerations can be:

  • Not switching on the car seat heater
  • Avoid keeping the laptop directly on the lap
  • Wearing the breathable bottoms
  • Not seating continuously for a more extended period

10. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Low & high weight both are causes of male infertility, and it primarily leads to hormonal imbalance and, ultimately, lower sperm count. 

Also, several studies reveal obesity and high cholesterol levels directly relate to subfertility. 

If you face any issues, it’s better to meet the fertility specialists, undergo an infertility diagnosis, and then discuss if the issue relates to weight management.

11. Good Oral Health

The fact might be surprising to you, but good oral health is essential for fertility. The presence of bacteriospermia in sperms is due to poor gum or muscle health. It’s impossible to treat bacteriospermia with antibiotics alone. It can only control and not eradicate the issue. 

The only solution is maintaining good oral health along with using the medicines. So, while you try for pregnancy, ensure that you visit the dentist at least once every six months.

Final Words

Undergoing a full sexual health checkup should be made a new norm with the increasing male and female infertility problems. The early diagnosis of infertility or related issues will help improve your reproductive health.

With state-of-the-ART treatments like IVF, it’s possible to deal with even the most complicated male infertility cases. So, it’s highly recommended to follow all the above advice while you wish for quick conception. 

Also, do not keep yourself away from seeking Infertility Treatment For Male and Female partners; if the conception fails continuously for one year. You can find the best fertility specialists at Crysta IVF

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