IVF treatment and Exercises

IVF treatment and exercises

Nowadays, it has become a trend to put off the planning of an extended family or parenthood until later in life. But unfortunately, some people face infertility issues when they want to pursue a complete family regardless of age. Some unforeseen issues turn them to fertility treatments, including IVF Treatment. Here, at Crysta IVF, we also offer a range of consultations on how to make the IVF journey risk-free and safe.

However, physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it is not advisable to avoid it.

But IVF treatment is a more important and serious issue that should be carried out with the greatest care to get the best results when it comes to conceiving successfully.

So, here we are giving details about how to make a balance between physical activity and IVF treatment to have a less sedentary life, especially during the fertility treatment

Are you worried about exercising during IVF fertility treatment?

As we know, IVF (in vitro) fertility treatment is a process that involves many essential steps for the different stages, starting from fertilization to delivery.

To achieve pregnancy, health is also an important part in which physical activity plays a significant role.

So, it would be a good idea to follow the correct routine during an IVF treatment without risking it. A modified or light activity routine goes well with IVF fertility treatment.

Staying active is beneficial not only for fertility but for overall health. A regular exercise regime helps in a variety of ways for fertility, like hormonal balance, weight management, metabolism, heart health, and so on.

However, it is surprising that exercise, especially vigorous exercise, is not recommended during a fertility treatment.

If a woman is taking any fertility treatment like IVF, she should stop it for a while. At some points in the treatment cycle, a light regime should be used, while at others, it should be avoided entirely.

For more clarification, do not take a risk by doing such activities without consulting your fertility specialist.

Ask the experts about fitness routines before starting IVF treatment

If fertility treatment is one of your future plans, it would be worth preparing well before opting for it. A pre-consultation can help you prepare for IVF fertility treatment. One should also discuss whether there is any alteration required in the current exercise routine and the level of physical activity as well.

It is critical to strike the perfect balance between treatment and exercise because too much physical activity can be harmful. So, an intense fitness routine should be avoided entirely. Replacing intense activities with household core to get in shape during pregnancy or after treatment is more appropriate and harmless.

Take a complete break from regular workouts or exercises during the crucial steps of IVF treatment

Do you know? Many fertility experts advise refraining from intense physical activities in some procedures given for IVF fertility treatment. Specifically, during egg retrieval time, no exercise is allowed because at this step of IVF fertility treatment, the ovaries get enlarged due to the stimulation from medication.

At this point, exercise imposes the risk of ovarian torsion, a condition in which the ovaries may be badly affected. In this case, the ligament that supports the ovaries gets twisted, and blood supply gets diminished. Intense pain occurs along with nausea and vomiting.

So more vigorous and twisting movements can cause such an issue. It is a rare condition, but it would be better to save the treatment so that it could not happen to the point of any loss. Apart from this, another step at which one should refrain from exercise is during the transfer of the embryo into the uterus. Since embryo implantation can get affected, which can ruin all the hard work in a ruin.

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Hence, at least for two weeks after the embryo transfer, fitness routines should be postponed, and it is better to adopt a light routine afterward as well.

At some points, exercise and fertility treatment don’t go in a linear order. Doctors recommend avoiding high-intensity workouts like lifting heavy weights, interval training, running fast, and others that can harm the eggs, uterus, and ovaries. Engaging in moderate or light activities is preferable to being completely sedentary during IVF fertility treatment. A light routine may include Tai Chi, yoga, swimming only with light strokes, and walking.

It is also recommended to limit the amount of physical activity, especially for those who work out more than 3 hours per week. Before undergoing IVF treatment, 30 minutes of exercise three times per week is sufficient.

Relieve stress by adopting low-intensity activities

Physical activity is a good way of reliving stress, and if you are relying on working out for this purpose, find other ways like yoga, meditation, gardening, or walking, and try things that can be easily fitted with IVF treatment. If you are still unclear and worried about restoring the balance, then talk to your fertility specialist to get the best advice.

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Research on intense physical activities vs. IVF treatment

According to research and clinical studies, following a strict exercise routine, including cardiovascular exercise, has been found to have a negative impact on IVF treatment compared to those who were not reportedly involved in such intense activity. They may experience fewer successful or live births, implant failure, or cycle cancellation.

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Crysta IVF does counsel and address such issues to get success in IVF fertility treatment without hampering your daily workout routine. The experts available at Crysta IVF also help with the weight management required for the IVF treatment without compromising health.  A sedentary lifestyle may promote obesity, which may cause complications during IVF treatment if not taken into consideration.

The fertility specialists available at Crysta IVF have decades of experience along with higher education. They are always ready to offer proper guidance and advice according to the couples’ circumstances. 

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