IUI Procedure: How does the IUI treatment works step by step?

IUI treatment Step by step

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With the ongoing rise in cases of infertility and couples losing hope after not finding any positive results, reproductive health issues are troubling people.

They had to go through a rollercoaster ride to understand what complications they were facing and what link was missing to conceive a child.

But thank God, with a boom in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and its popular intrauterine insemination IUI Treatment method, the percentage of infertility has been reducing rapidly.

The IUI treatment process is relatively simple and noninvasive. To make you understand more closely, we are back again with this article carrying all the vital information in detail on how IUI works step by step.

But before we explore the IUI procedure, let’s first understand what IUI treatment is in the first place.

IUI treatment: Why is it considered the most essential form of ART?

IUI, or intrauterine insemination, is a fertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly into a woman’s uterus to enhance the chances of successful fertilization. It can be an effective treatment option for couples with certain types of infertility, like secondary infertility, male mild factor infertility, or cervical factor infertility.

It is a less invasive and less expensive option than in vitro fertilization (IVF) and is the best treatment option for couples suffering from infertility. However, before undergoing an IUI treatment, the woman may need to take fertility medications to stimulate the ovulation process and improve the chances of pregnancy. Though the number of IUI cycles needed to conceive successfully may vary from person to person, to analyze it closely, we must determine under what conditions IUI treatment is recommended and its procedure step by step.

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Health conditions that call for an IUI treatment

A couple’s ability to become pregnant depends on various factors. And intrauterine insemination works for couples in these cases:

  • Unexplained infertility 
  • Donor sperm 
  • Cervical factor infertility 
  • Endometriosis-related infertility 
  • Mild male factor infertility 
  • Ovulatory factor infertility 
  • Semen allergy 

In most cases, the above-mentioned factors direct a couple to opt for the IUI treatment to know where to start their research. It is always best to know the IUI procedure step by step and take the necessary action only after carefully knowing the particulars of the IUI treatment. So, do not go any further; just scroll down again.

IUI procedure step by step

The IUI pregnancy treatment procedure consists of seven key steps to conceiving a child, and they are: 

Egg growth stimulation

Injectable or oral medications are used for the ovaries’ stimulation for the growth and maturation of eggs. Usually, doctors prescribe taking these injections in those body parts where there will be fat, for example, at the top of the thigh, stomach, or intramuscularly on the buttocks. The oral medication is prescribed for five days, along with injections for three to twelve days, and is based on the ovaries’ response.

Blood monitoring and ultrasound

When you undergo injectable medications, doctors recommend an ultrasound every 2-3 days. It helps to monitor egg development and your ovaries. Also, in some cases, blood tests are recommended to determine the hormone levels related to ovarian function and growth. The tests and monitoring help ensure that everything proceeds safely. Thus, a trigger shot is planned if your egg size exceeds 20 mm and your uterus lining (endometrium) is good.

Inducing ovulation

A trigger shot is given to patients, and within 36 hours, it will lead to ovulation. At the same time, a sample of sperm is processed. The sperm sample is provided by the male partner or the donor and is washed during the preparation so that immobile sperm debris is removed. Later, the good sperms are concentrated further to start the IUI treatment.


In this step of IUI treatment, a woman lies on the table, just like in a routine pelvic exam. After that, the sample of sperm is injected directly into the uterus with the help of a long, thin, and flexible catheter. This procedure is the most important of the entire IUI treatment, and it neither causes any pain nor takes much time to complete. However, you should be informed that the insemination process is sometimes recommended for two consecutive days. But in general, the insemination procedure takes place within a single day.


Your ovulation and progesterone levels are tested after one week. Also, additional support from hormones is provided in some instances. With the help of these hormones, the uterine lining is prepared, which supports those women who have had multiple miscarriages.

Pregnancy test

This is the last step in IUI treatment. It is usually conducted 14 days after direct insemination into the uterus. The pregnancy test finally helps identify whether your journey through the IUI treatment has been successful or not. Ideally, this test is carried out at least two weeks after the procedure. If, in any case, your result could be more positive, contact your healthcare provider at the earliest and seek consultation on what would be better for your health. And if you are worried about whom to consult, do not lose hope! We have got you covered. Read on to know where and when to connect with the best fertility expert.

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In conclusion

IUI fertility treatment has given hope to many couples and fulfilled their only wish to become happy parents. So, if you have been trying for more than a year to conceive and have not found any success yet, This is not the time to lose your hopes and become depressed, especially when you have the technology in healthcare. Therefore, seek medical advice from the top-notch fertility expert at Crysta IVF to be at your best.

Here, you get the consultation of decades of experienced fertility experts. Not only that, we can understand that infertility is a difficult and emotional situation that needs treatment as well as mental support. So here, the entire staff takes care of you at every step of the IUI treatment and ensures you do not get burdened by the IUI Cost in India.

So, if you have been going through various fertility complications, now is the time to take a stand, get in touch with Crysta IVF for the right guidance, and start the fertility treatment.

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