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The word Menopause has always been associated with women. But in reality, men also go through menopause. With age, the male body goes through certain changes and releases hormones in a way that mimics the same experience women face with menopause. This male alternative to menopause is known as Andropause.

What is Andropause in males?

In this condition, there is a gradual decrease in testosterone levels in men, affecting them physically and emotionally. While it’s a common problem in men as they age, its significance can immensely affect the health and well-being of men. 

Andropause Age:

For the ones who don’t know about andropause, one key factor to remember is that it’s not a complete system failure in men. Andropause is a gradual decrease in testosterone levels. The decline starts at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 40, leading to a substantial decrease by the age of 70. The slow decline in testosterone levels in men helps them adjust and adapt to the dip as compared to the abrupt drop in hormones in women during menopause. 

Andropause Symptoms:

One line – It’s more than just low libido.

While decreased libido and sexual functions are commonly known symptoms of andropause, the spectrum of concerns goes beyond. 

  • Physical Changes: Andropause can trigger reduced muscle mass and strength, increased body fat, fatigue, bone density loss, hot flashes, and sleep disturbances. 
  • Emotional Changes: Irritability, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, decreased self-esteem.
  • Cognitive Changes: Difficulty in concentrating, memory problems, decreased decision-making ability.
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Similarities and Differences between Andropause & Menopause: 

Even though both andropause and menopause create hormonal shifts and imbalances as we age, there are distinct differences. 

  • Similarities:
    • Both involve a decline in sex hormone production.
    • Both can lead to physical and emotional changes.
    • Both can impact overall well-being and quality of life. 
  • Differences:
    • Onset and duration: Unlike menopause, which causes rapid changes in hormones, andropause is a gradual process and happens over decades. 
    • Symptomology: Andropause symptoms are more diverse and can include physical, emotional, and cognitive changes, while menopause primarily affects reproductive and hormonal changes.
    • Impact on fertility: Andropause can affect sperm production and fertility. It can even bring a decline in sperm quality. 

Diagnosis & Testing: 

Andropause may sound like it’s a “bound to happen” kind of thing. But it’s not. The implications of having andropause are not great. The andropause test is the first step to countering the problem. A complete evaluation needs to be done by health experts which includes: 

  • Medical history: Discussing symptoms, lifestyle habits, and medical history.
  • Physical examination: Checking for signs of physical changes.
  • Blood tests: Measuring testosterone levels and other hormones.
  • Treatment Options: Restoring Balance and Well-being

Andopause Treatment

Fortunately, there are treatments available to counter andropause in men. Some of the treatments are: 

  • Lifestyle Change: Exercising, eating healthy, adequate sleep, consuming multivitamins, and reducing stress, are just a few things you can do to counter the effects of andropause. 
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): In some cases where there is a severe lack of testosterone count in men, TRT can be prescribed to restore the hormonal balance and remove the symptoms of andropause. 
  • Counseling & Therapy: Sometimes, getting treated for andropause may be tiresome and taxing. It’s important to seek out counselling and therapy where the therapist will help you through the process. 

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How long does Male Menopause Last?

Andropause is not a temporary phase. It goes on for decades. It may start at 40 and go all the way to 70. The prolonged phase of andropause may cause difficulties mentally, physically, or even emotionally. It can impact your relationship as well. However, it can be managed and treated with proper means and a good lifestyle. 

Empathy & Support:

Andropause can be a challenging experience for many men. Recognizing and understanding the physical, emotional, and cognitive changes they face is crucial. By providing empathy, support, and access to appropriate resources, we can help men navigate this transition with confidence and optimism.

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