How Does IVF Help In Male Infertility?

how does ivf help in male infertility

Around 8%-12% of couples worldwide face infertility problems and male infertility alone contributes between 40-50% which is majorly caused due to low sperm count, poor sperm motility or other urological complications.

A clinical journal on male infertility published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health mentions a report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Infertility cases in India, period 1982-1985, and concludes the following findings.

India accounted for 27% of infertility cases combining both male & female, male infertility alone weighed at 40% and female infertility at 38%.

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What is Male-Infertility?

Infertility in males is confirmed when natural conception fails and the period of conception attempts is more than a year. It is a Urological aspect, a clinical insufficiency condition in men which can be due to poor lifestyles, excess consumption of alcohol, surgeries etc. In simple terms, Male Infertility means that a Man is unable to conceive a child.

Symptoms of Fertility Problems in Men: –

The foremost symptom of infertile men is the conception inability and the other men’s infertility signs are listed below –

During Sperm Ejaculation

  • Sperm Ejaculation Dysfunction due to blockage in the urethral channel
  • Low sperm quantity ejaculation
  • Low Sperm force during ejaculation

Organ Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Abnormal breast (Gynecomastia)

Other Dysfunctions

  • Swell, pain and lump in the testicle, groin area, penis, scrotum
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Rapid Hair-loss and abnormalities
  • Consistent respiratory infections
  • Depression, mood swings and low sex drive
  • Muscle mass-loss

Once the above symptoms are evident consider vising the best male fertility doctor in India or Male Infertility clinic in India.

Causes of Infertility In Men

Conception in males usually fails due to the following causes –

No Sperm

Testicle produces sperm in men and if there are clinical problems in testicles it will affect the sperm quantity and quality. When there is absolutely no sperm during ejaculation then such condition is known as Azoospermia and is caused due to reproductive tubule blocks (carrier of sperm) and problems in hormones and testicles to name a few here.

Low Sperm ejaculation also factors infertility and is a condition known as perceived ejaculate volume reduction (PEVR) which is also a cause of fertility issues in men.


Hormones vital acts in male fertility and any hormonal irregularities cause Men-Infertility conditions, like thyroid glands functional abnormality, dysfunction of Pituitary glands, adrenal glands and hypothalamus. Also, hormonal disorders impact sex hormones, Testosterone. Male hypogonadism is the condition when testosterone level is low. Infertility may also be an inherited disease.

Retrograde Ejaculation

In this condition, the sperm reverses its direction into the urinary bladder instead of pitching into the female reproductive tracts which ceases the chances of sperm hitting the female egg, and hence conception never happens.

Sperm Motility

It is a condition of destination-reach failure. The sperm lacks the ability to reach the female reproductive tract, to the eggs. Hence, no conception takes place.

These are the most common clinical causes that restrict conception in Men.

Other Causes

  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Drugs indulgence
  • Tobacco
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Radiations
  • Metal exposure
  • High-temperature exposure – Testicle


  • Assessing historical records – Medical
  • Urologist – Physical examination
  • Hormonal tests
  • Semen analyses

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Treatment – Male Infertility

An instant solution is available provided couples knock on the right door.

Biotechnology enables an effective and efficient method, assisted reproductive technology (ART) known as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Around 6 million of the world population are IVF babies (1978) and still counts.

IVF in male infertility is the best treatment to opt for as it is the nearest means to natural conception.

How does IVF work in male infertility?

The sperm sample is taken from the infertile male to fertilize it with the egg on a petri-dish, in the In-Vitro lab.

Post fertilization it is then implanted directly in the uterus of the partner (spouse).

In the case of No-sperm ejaculate, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is used to extract sperm for the fertilization to happen but is resorted to in severe cases only.

The fertilized embryo is then implanted in the uterus and facilitates normal pregnancy.


The major benefit of IVF in male infertility is making things happen with the least motile sperms and sperm.

Since fertilization takes place in a petri dish distance is no more a problem for the sperm to reach the egg as both are placed closely. IVF is the simplest ART method of becoming a father.

Other beneficial aspects of IVF are –

  1. Nearest to the natural method
  2. Non-Surgical
  3. Result oriented

When the solution is simple then the wisest act is to utilize it and cherish its benefits. IVF in India is prevailing high due to its near to natural features and the availability of IVF specialists and IVF centres.