Normal Delivery or C- Section: What is the Best Option?

which is better cesarean or normal delivery

Every woman is reborn while birthing a baby. The unbearable pain that a pregnant woman feels during labor often generates confusion about whether C-Section or Normal Delivery is Better?Asking friends or family might further increase the confusion.

Facts Reveal; One in Every Five Women Undergoes C-Section, Even Without Medical Necessity.

The ultimate goal of pregnancy is to deliver a healthy baby; how we accomplish it can either be a medical necessity or a personal choice.


Deciding between the natural or cesarian can be difficult and requires considering multiple factors. Each option has a different healing process, complications, risks, and recovery time. Before making an abrupt decision about a delivery, especially during the first pregnancy, it’s better to understand C-section and vaginal birth better.

For insights, you can refer to the blog underneath that details all the necessary considerations for birthing, the difference between cesarean & standard delivery, its pros & cons, and more.

Introduction to Process of Natural Birth:

Natural Birth or Vaginal Birth is the natural process to deliver the baby through the birth canal (vagina), with or without medication.

Three Stages of Vaginal Birth: The child progresses in three stages during a natural or vaginal delivery.

Stage 1: Labor: There are three primary phases of labor:

  • Early Labor
  • Active Labor, and
  • Transitional Labor

Depending on the intensity of contractions, one may or may not feel the early labor. However, active and transitional labor might cause severe pain. The pain is an indication that the delivery is near, and the doctors need to check the progress.

Stage 2: Pushing the Baby: Whether pushing the baby or transitional labor is more painful?; is still discussed. Moving the baby towards the birth canal might require strength and may last for several hours. It’s undoubtedly the most painful phase of Natural Birthing, as transitional labor does not last long. During Normal Delivery, your cervix reaches the magical 10 cm mark. While pushing and delivering the baby, if you do not labor down, the uterus help in bringing the fetus down towards the birth canal.

Stage 3: Delivery: Once the baby is delivered, the doctors help place the baby’s placenta in the last stage. Also, they examine the uterus to ensure everything is as per the expectations and without any risk of infection.

All About C-Section

C-Section is a surgical procedure used for delivering a baby; it involves an incision in the uterus and abdomen. The healthcare specialists consider C-Section, primarily under two varied conditions:

  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Not considering natural delivery after the previous c-section

If it’s the first delivery, there is no requirement for a c-section until labor is underway.

Three Stages of Cesarean Delivery: In most cases, a Gynecologist in Delhi plans C-Section delivery well ahead of time. Cesarean delivery involves three primary stages, regardless of natural conceiving or the conception resulting from IVF Treatment in Delhi.

Stage 1: At Home: Before reaching the healthcare center, the doctor might recommend a patient with a to-do list at home.Bathing with an antiseptic soap the night before and on the day of C-SectionNot shaving the pubic hair 24 hours before C-SectionFollowing the instructions of your healthcare specialist is essential to reduce the risk of infection. If pubic hair removal is necessary, the clinical staff will take care of it following the necessary precautions.

Stage 2: Giving an Anesthesia: To initiate with C-Section, giving anesthesia is mandatory. Mostly, the doctors prefer local anesthesia that numbs the lower body and keeps you awake during the procedure. The prime motive for using anesthesia is to create an epidural or spinal block. However, the doctors might use general anesthesia for an emergency. The drawback of using general anesthesia during a C-Section is that a mother cannot hear, feel or see anything.

Stage 3: Delivery Through C-Section: The doctor cleanses the abdomen before making an incision to accomplish C-Section Delivery. You can expect a few more steps to complete the procedure, along with making an incision.

  • Placing a catheter in the bladder to collect urine
  • Setting down intravenous lines in arms to induce fluid and medication

Cesarean Delivery is much less painful compared to the Normal Delivery.

Advantages of Ladies’ Normal Delivery Over C-Section

There exist multiple benefits of vaginal delivery over a c-section. Let’s hash it out.

Shorter Hospital Stay Time 

A mother with normal delivery can leave the hospital within 24 to 48 hours of delivery. On the contrary, after a Cesarean, mothers might require to stay for a week or more in the hospital.

Lower Recovery Time

The usual recovery time for Ladies With Normal Delivery is six weeks or less. One needs to avoid strenuous activities for the first six weeks postpartum but can continue with daily deeds. At the same time, it requires a minimum of 10 weeks for scars to heal after Cesarian Operation.

Minimum or No Risk of Infection

Proper sanitation and hygiene are necessary to avoid infection post-birth in both, Normal Delivery and Cesarean. After the normal delivery, ladies can maintain their hygiene well, minimizing the risk of secondary infection.However, to avoid risks of infection post-C-Section, a woman requires special care to prevent infection at the surgical site.


The Cesarean Delivery costs much more than a vaginal delivery, as it involves:

  • Surgical Procedure
  • More Extended Stay at the Hospital
  • Post-Delivery Medications & Care

Normal delivery, in that case, is much more economical.

Breastfeeding at an Early Stage

A mother who gives natural birth is more active and healthier; thus, she can start breastfeeding within the first week of delivery.On the other hand, Cesarean Delivery patients face more complications, pain, reaction to the medication, and side effects. Breastfeeding is such a case is usually delayed.

Low or No Respiratory Ailments in Babies

In a Normal Delivery, a hormonal exchange exists between the mother and the baby, enhancing the immune system. However, chances for cesarean, lung, or respiratory disorders are higher in newborns.

Despite multiple benefits of Normal Delivery, C-Section Too has a few benefits.Let’s Explore.

Benefits of Cesarean Delivery Over Normal Deliveries

Here are a few advantages of cesarean delivery, which a few ladies prefer cesarean without the medical requirements.

Shorter Duration of Labor

Vaginal Delivery is physically grueling and highly exhausting. C-Section, on the other hand, is pain-free and speedy.

Rare Urinal Inconsistencies

The urinal inconsistencies are the bare minimum in the case of Cesarean Delivery as it does not put any pressure on the pelvic muscles. In C-Section, mothers do not have any urinal inconsistencies or infections.

Zero Risk of Vaginal Tearing

The vaginal tissues might get stretched in case of Normal Delivery, while there is no such possibility in C-Section. Vaginal Delivery at times requires stitching to control vaginal stretching and also causes pain in the pelvic region. Cesarean is highly safe in the context.

Final Words

The blog above details all the pros and cons of opting for one out of two possible delivery methods. One can opt for Cesarean Delivery to avoid labor pain, but it might result in other complications in the long run.Bearing the labor pain might help keep both the mother and child healthier. The risks in the case of natural birth are the bare minimum. The specialists always recommend opting for C-section only when normal delivery is not possible.

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