Can Covid-19 Recovers OPT For IVF

Can Covid-19 Recovers OPT For IVF

If your quest is about knowing the influential factor if Covid recovered couples go for IVF fertility treatment, you are on the right page.

You may not find much information about IVF by Covid recovered IVF aspirants, but that doesn’t conclude that none know about it.

Crysta IVF insights about this condition, keep reading.

What is the condition to confirm the relative impact of Covid-19 on IVF treatment?

To arrive at the right conclusion, a comparative analysis is to be done in the IVF aspirants before and after the Covid-19 infection.

The clinical evaluation took place involving all the couples who were undergoing OS (Ovarian Stimulation) and were in OPU (Ovarian Pick-up) phase in the IVF cycle.

Parameters of measuring the influence of Covid in the IVF cycle?

The assessment of the co-relation was done measuring two aspects –

  1. Stimulation Characteristics
  2. Embryological variations

Clinical Procedure 

The two measures used for analysis splits into two conditions –

  1. IVF before acquiring coronavirus
  2. IVF after recovering from corona infection 

Clinical Assessment Results Basis

On comparing the variations in the embryo and their character incitement with the prior IVF cycle, 


Corona infection had no fatal or alarming impact on the IVF participants. 

The outcome of the clinical analysis by the IVF Doctors is as follows –

  1. Covid infection interference was negligible during the IVF cycle without impacting the IVF patient’s medical condition.
  2. Ovarian Reserve didn’t exhibit any decrease, destruction or abnormalities, and non-indicative of future complications in next conception.

Covid Effect on TEQs (Top Quality Embryos)

But, a few high-quality embryos counts were reduced but were significantly low in reduction.

Crysta IVF – Suggestion

The IVF Doctors in Mumbai at Crysta IVF recommend couples who recently recovered from covid-19 infection to consider skipping their IVF fertility treatment for at-least 3 months, especially in Folliculogenesis (during maturation of the ovarian follicle) & Spermatogenesis (development of sperm) period.


Medical Science is limitation bound, and beyond which it cannot exceed, at-least as of now. Concise achievement in the medical sector in relation to the treatments is not possible. Outcomes may turn adverse even though chances of its happening might have been a % only. And vice-versa, at a 1% survival chance, miracles take place. 

But the chances of positive live birth, or triggering fertility, or test tube baby, IVF Surrogacy and IVF, have relatively higher success rates compared to the fertility methods that prevailed before ART. Out of which, In-vitro fertilization emerged as the messiah of fertility and enhanced the most critical infertility condition to turn green. But rarely, some couples may have to wait longer due to failure in IVF cycles. However, such depressing instances usually happens due to the insufficiency of clinical infrastructure, non-trained staff, less experienced IVF Doctors and non-disclosure of information by the couples.

But it is not the last of all, there is always a second chance, and in IVF fertility treatment, even ‘the least turn out to be ‘the most’