The Struggle Is Part of The Story (Story of Yash & Ekta)

At Crysta IVF, we help aspiring parents live their dream of parenthood. We hear a lot of stories from parents on their IVF journey, and we recently asked them to share some of their stories of struggle and triumph.

Yash, a resident of Ghaziabad shares such a story about how he and his wife Ekta won the battle against infertility. Yash & Ekta's journey to parenthood started almost immediately after they married in 2019. Yash said, "carrying a baby is an experience that all men wish for their hearts". Unfortunately, for the couple, things did not go as planned. After 8 unsuccessful months of trying to get pregnant, they consulted a local fertility clinic. Over the following several months they underwent many tests and a number of infertility treatments, but none were successful. After 6 more unsuccessful months, they had an IUI procedure in a nearby hospital that was also unsuccessful.

Rahul said, "we were both upset, and our year of trying was turning out to be an emotional experience. But I don't want to give up yet, I was just hanging on to my hope and also insisted to Ekta that we're going to get through this together". Yash also had his professional duties lined up to support their livelihood, so he was anxious about uncertainties. But despite he was so willing to complete the family. That's what kept him going. On the other side, Ekta was a bit skeptical about Medical technologies that might help her conceive. But she believed her husband. After a pause of a month, Yash began searching for a professional and experienced fertility expert and came across several websites on fertility treatment. One of them, Crysta IVF, appealed to him. Yash told us, "I was impressed and immediately booked an appointment with Dr. Kishore Pandit". 

In July of 2021, they started IVF along with ICSI treatment with our fertility center in Pune. Yash took a leave from his office to remain with Ekta throughout this journey. This attempt and all the efforts turned out to be the best. The pregnancy was viable from the onset and just over nine months later, Yash and Ekta were rewarded with a healthy baby girl.

Ekta got emotional and sighed, “I couldn’t be able to pull this far without my husband’s support”

While taking a baby in his hand, Yash smiled, “After waiting for so long, I’m finally relaxed and happy to become a proud daddy of a little angel.”

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Published on:- 29th Apr , 2022

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