The Right Move (Story of Archana and Raghav)

The prayers of our patient Archana and her husband, Mr. Raghav, were finally heard after 3 years of despair. This couple came to us 7 months back having a history of previous 1 IUI and 2 IVF failures. During those treatment failures, they were told that the quality of the egg was not very good resulting in a poor quality embryo which unfortunately did not result in implantation.

The couple was very concerned. Each time, the doctors guided them for different procedures & medications. And each time, Archana and Raghav got their hopes up, only to be met with grief. Archana said that every time she logged on to social media, she saw friends who married at the same time she had, sharing pregnancy announcements and baby photos.

This is when they decided to switch their doctor for their IVF journey. Archana began researching the most trusted IVF centers in the country and she kept seeing only one name known for world-class treatments with care, comfort, and compassion: 'Crysta IVF'

Particularly noteworthy to her were the success stories from women who had been patients here. However, she and Raghav were still anxious. She felt like giving it a chance. So, she set up a consultation with Dr. Ruchi Malhotra at Crysta IVF center in Delhi. After a personalized consultation, Dr. Ruchi started their treatment keeping in mind all previous factors, and planned the best treatment line for them.

A thorough and duly guided IVF procedure was formulated for Archana and Raghav. With the right & timely medications and doses of carefully selected injections, the IVF treatment showed better response. Four good-quality eggs were retrieved and the blastocyst embryo transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy result.

"It's everything we'd dreamed of, we had made the right move going to Crysta IVF. These people are the expert", she said. The couple were elated and are doing well in their ongoing pregnancy and are all about to welcome their first baby into this world. The individualized treatment at Crysta IVF helps such couples in achieving the best result.

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Published on:- 25th Mar , 2022

DISCLAIMER : The blog content has been posted as a piece of information and awareness only. The content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not proposed and should not be taken as medical advice. Crysta IVF strongly recommends users to consult with their health care providers to make any medical or health-related decision.

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