Identifying the Root Cause (Story of Sweta and Ravi)

Parenthood is a journey and one that is unique for everyone. While sometimes this journey is filled with twists and turns, it is essential to understand that at the end of the day.

Here, Ravi and Sweta share their story of how Crysta IVF in Varanasi recognized the hindrance in their pregnancy and helped them with the best possible solution.

Sweta Says- 

“Two years of trials for natural pregnancy and then a failed IVF cycle almost made me lose hope that I could ever be a mother. Whenever someone asked me, it was devastating for me and hampered my personal and professional life.

Whenever Ravi tried to comfort me, it often turned into an argument. For more than a year, I was a lost soul. Although, it was unfair to Ravi, as he was going through the same pain. But, somehow, he managed to be calm and handle all my tantrums patiently.

One day one of my colleagues who couldn’t conceive for almost eight years shared the good news of her pregnancy. I was amazed and thought of talking to her. After many dilemmas, I finally gained the courage to share my struggle. She could feel my agony and said that her struggle ended at Crysta IVF, which according to her, was the Best IVF Center in Varanasi.

She had faced two failed ART procedures before visiting Crysta. Hearing her story enlightened a ray of hope in me, and I wanted to take a chance with Crysta IVF. When I shared the same with my husband, he readily agreed to it but asked me to promise to stay composed if, in any case, we did not have positive results. I understood his concern and decided to step in for consultation neutrally without much hope.

Finally, we met the fertility doctor at Crysta IVF. The first thing that I felt there was comfort. The doctor listens to you very calmly, and then before suggesting treatment, he asks about our habits and lifestyle. Accordingly, he prescribed some tests. Surprisingly, I was diagnosed with diabetes. He said that it is probably the root cause we cannot conceive.

At first, he guided us through the pre-pregnancy routine and planning. He started the medicines to control sugar levels and shared a personalized diet plan with me. For my husband, he recommended following daily exercises and quitting smoking.

We both started following him, and the doctor monitored our fertility conditions from time to time. After six months, he said that our conditions were favorable for IVF and then detailed the treatment plan.

With fingers crossed and hopes high, we initiated the treatment. By God’s Grace, we were blessed with twins who turned 2 in June. I’m so grateful to the entire team of Crysta IVF and especially my colleague for the recommendation that led me from the darkest of times to great happiness.

I also want others who are struggling to conceive to know that pre-pregnancy planning is also as essential as the outcome of it.”

Authored By:- Admin

Published on:- 12th Jul , 2022

DISCLAIMER : The blog content has been posted as a piece of information and awareness only. The content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not proposed and should not be taken as medical advice. Crysta IVF strongly recommends users to consult with their health care providers to make any medical or health-related decision.

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