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"When we got the news that both of us are infertile and cannot become parents naturally we were depressed and were pushed by the society's stigma that we aren’t capable human beings. In fact, our family members weren’t that supportive which was even more frustrating and because of this we both were feeling completely hopeless. They even started consulting and sharing the details of the baba as they believe this is the only way out. Then, we saw an Ad of Crysta IVF online and booked an appointment with them. It felt like that was the only place on earth who could understand our mental state and what we wanted. We opted for their IVF treatment option and now we are three weeks pregnant.

All we want to say is, Thank you Crysta IVF"

Amjyot: Hi I’m Amjyot and I’m 32 years old

Shruti: Hi I’m Shruti and I’m 29 years old

Amjyot: We have been trying to get pregnant for the past one year, but we couldn’t. We got to know that I have a low sperm count and Shruti wasn’t Ovulating.
Both of us come from Conservative families and most of our relatives have a narrow minded way of thinking. 

Shruti: About 10-11 months ago, Our relatives started asking us questions about why aren’t we trying even after 2 years of marriage? Or Questions like “Beta sab kuch theek hai na?”

And obviously weird questions are paired with the most weird solutions. So we would get solutions like-and let me tell you we haven’t told them that there is a problem. We got to hear things like “ Go to this Baba”, “Visit this temple, or pray to that God” or suggestions for very weird Items like “Some Jadibooti”

Amjyot: The idea of having a baby through IVF wasn’t suggested to us and it’s such a shame.

After talking about it a lot we agreed to go for IVF treatment, we asked a few people about some best IVF centers and finally we had a few names, After some time, and after figuring all our options out, we consulted the team at Crysta IVF for help, they made us understand that all what matters is what we think and not what the Social taboos are. We felt that Crysta IVF was the only place that understands our situation.

But we were still cautious of the whole process and the expenses that come along with it, fortunately Crysta is pretty transparent with their pricing and helped us with all our queries. Now we finally have decided that we decided to go ahead with IVF.
After all of this, we finally gathered up the courage to tell our parents who made us feel like that we were not doing enough and there was something wrong with us.

Shruti: We just pushed aside what everyone else had to say and we went through the whole IVF process.

And I’m happy to share with you that now we are three weeks pregnant and are grateful to the team at Crysta IVF. 

Words aren’t enough to explain our gratitude towards Crysta IVF. 

 Disclaimer: Names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of the couples. 

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Published on:- 23th Dec , 2021

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