Becoming A Father Is Inevitably Best Feeling Ever(Story of Neeraj & Nidhi)

The journey to becoming a parent wasn't that easy for Nidhi and Neeraj, but their story is truly inspirational and proves that the title of ‘fatherhood’ is more than biological. This is how technology and expert guidance made fatherhood possible for Neeraj -

When I was a child my father once told me that one day I would realize how it feels to be a parent. After I got married, I was so desperate to live that moment. But for some reason my fate kept me waiting for so long. I never realized that we would have trouble conceiving.

My wife Nidhi was so anxious about it. We talked to our family and they gave us hope to keep trying. I and my wife even started taking pills, but it didn't help. And this is when we realized we might need medical intervention. Thankfully, one of our family members knew about Dr. Sweta as the finest Fertility specialist in Surat. So, without looking any further we immediately booked an appointment and sought her advice. 

She performed a series of tests and concluded that there was some kind of problem with my sperm quality and there is also a high level of DNA Fragmentation in my sperm. We were recommended that IUI and a change in diet including zinc supplements would be good for us. Going on diet was a bit uncomfortable for me, but every time I was about to lose my guts, I remembered the words Nidhi said to me a while ago - "remember why you started"

Even Dr. Sweta, who has such a calming aura makes me feel like a priority. So, we continued as we were guided. And, 3 months later, Nidhi was pregnant. The follow-up scans all showed a healthy baby developing at the appropriate rate. Now, while narrating this story to the Crysta IVF team, my little angel is laying next to me and saying ‘Hi!’ to you all. 

Also now I understood, what my father told me that day, being a parent is indeed a life's greatest bliss. I waited long to become a father, now waiting to hear my daughter say ‘World’s Best Dad’.

Authored By:- Admin

Published on:- 20th May , 2022

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