I see light at the end of the tunnel

In our recent talk with Shelly, she narrated her rollercoaster life story to get pregnant and how this search for pregnancy ended with Crysta IVF. In May 2020, Shelly got married to the love of her life Rahul. The newly married couple were extremely happy & excited about their new journey together.

In August 2020, Shelly found that she was pregnant. But only 3 weeks later Shelly spotted blood which is unusual in pregnancy. The couple immediately rushed to the antenatal care near their home where the doctor took a scan and measured her hCG pregnancy levels.

The doctor explained that the pregnancy wasn’t in the right place and was instead growing in her left fallopian tube, so this pregnancy is no longer viable and needs urgent surgery. They were also told that because of the high pregnancy hormone levels they would not be able to save her left fallopian tube.

That was the lot for the newly married couple to deal with. They were broken and shocked. For several days Shelly spent sleepless nights. Time went by quickly and healed their grief.

In February 2021, Shelly discovered that she was pregnant again. She was excited but afraid. They visited the Early Pregnancy Unit where an early scan and blood samples were taken. Moments later the doctor turned to them and said, "I’m so sorry, it looks like you’ve had another ectopic in your only fallopian tube, but this time it’s even more serious as there’s fluid in your stomach and uterus. We need to operate now.”

The same cruel scenario played out again. Shelly had to lose both her fallopian tubes and fertility. There was no hope left for them.

Time went by again. There were not many happy days. But then one day, Rahul came across Crysta IVF post on social media. He was unsure if going for IVF treatment would be the right choice for what already had been done previously.

Shelly said, "I was unsure about it too. But we wanted to take a chance. We wanted to complete our family. We had a strong belief that God is with us this time”

So, they booked an appointment with a Crysta IVF fertility expert in Delhi. In the consultation, our doctor comforted her and thoroughly analyzed all her previous medical records. They were advised to go for IVF without waiting any longer. They both agreed immediately.

The treatment began, our fertility expert duly guided them throughout the treatment. She said she never felt such care, love, and this much patient-centric approach in any of the centers before. After a few days, she got pregnant.

She said, "this time it felt different”. It wasn’t until her 8 week scan that they got to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time.

Jyoti was born on 5th January 2022. Shelly admired, "Jyoti', the light of our life. Thanks to Crysta IVF doctors and the staff for leading us through this dark path and showing us the light at the end. We'll always remember you for what you've done for us."

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Published on:- 12th Mar , 2022

DISCLAIMER : The blog content has been posted as a piece of information and awareness only. The content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not proposed and should not be taken as medical advice. Crysta IVF strongly recommends users to consult with their health care providers to make any medical or health-related decision.

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